How to Create a Modern Dining Room with Brilliant Blue Artwork

I recently had an epiphany. I realized that I wasn't being as much of myself in my posts as I should be. I was holding back! 

I wasn't reflecting how truly bold and artsy I really am and this post is a way to rectify that situation.

This post is a complete dining room design made up of brilliant blue artwork and bold modern furniture....and I designed it for busy people who love style but don't have enough time to style their own dining rooms. 

I hope it inspires. 

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Modern Dining Room with Brilliant Blues


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Thoughts about this Modern Dining Room with Brilliant Blue Artwork

I love a bold stylish dining room. After all its where we gather with friends for dinner parties and discuss all of the exciting things going on in our lives. It's also where we introduce our newest culinary experiments to willing victims ...oh I mean friends and family.

I believe that the way we decorate our homes sets the mood for how we live our lives when we're in it and when we it's important to have a home we love. 

For this dining room I chose a set of brilliant, blue green, turquoise and brown abstract canvas prints. They're similar but different and their unique textures are great conversation starters....after all they're not ordinary prints from a painting but rather photographs of ceramic glazes.

I paired them with an equally bold chandelier...made from glass and metal with an extremely contemporary flare.

Depending on the size and layout of your space you may want to chose just one large abstract print or hang the pair together. It is also available as a rectangle. To figure out what sizes would look best in your space, download my free eguide if you have a larger sized dining room. However if you have a small dining room download my  eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces.

To balance the brilliant blues of my abstract canvas artwork, I went with a dark walnut dining room table with a sleep contemporary design and a complimentary walnut chair(s) with a bold blue fabric seat covering to compliment the abstract canvas prints.

I then chose one of my super organic contemporary ceramic sculptures to serve as a bold centerpiece and to bring some softness to the room to balance the angular edges of the table.

For place settings and serving pieces I chose with care this crisp white collection with wonderful round edges complimented by stylish angular points. One of the things I love about this collection is the wide range of available pieces. For example, the piece to the left is a set of 4 appetizer bowls...what a great idea!

I then found a textured white rug to bering texture and softness to floor and to balance out the brilliant blues with some neutrality. I then found this super contemporary walnut sideboard which is great for storing serving pieces, laying out a buffet and displaying fresh flowers in a bold blue and clear Kate Spade glass vase.

Lastly, I found an ultra contemporary curtain rod and paired it with white curtains. The curtains soften the room and help ensure privacy at evening get-togethers.

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