How to Create an Inspiring Home Office with Colorful Artwork

More and more people are working from home....if it be as a telecommuter, entrepreneur, or a day here and there. The internet has done wonders for adding flexibility to our lives. As a result, the home office is becoming a staple in most people's homes including my own.

As I've said many times, what we surround ourselves with be it people, objects or thoughts profoundly affect the course of our life and work. That's why I believe that we have to make our home offices places that we enjoy being....not so that we work harder, but so that we work with more positivity and as a result efficiency. It also helps to just make our day better....and who doesn't want to have better days? I do.

For this reason, I've designed the below modern home office complete with colorful artwork. I designed it to be colorful and inspiring....and to be bring joy to my fellow home office workers.

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Colorful & Inspiring Modern Home Office

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Thoughts about this Inspiring Home Office with Colorful Artwork

I started this inspiring home office with artwork....which I believe should always be the starting point. I chose my of my most multi-colored abstract canvas prints. I recommend handing it on the largest blank wall you have in your office so that the space is filled with color!

I then chose a funky light colored adjustable table lamp for some functional lighting and a little added style.

To figure out what size print you need for your specific office and you have a large blank wall in in your home office, I recommend that you download my free eguide below - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page.

I found this amazing leather patterned desk which I knew right away would look great with the above blue, turquoise, and green abstract canvas print. What I really love about it is that it has texture (I'm really into how things feel to the touch). It's drawers also make it functional for everyday use. I then paired it with a floor lamp (because one can never have enough light options when working (so you can change the mood of the room depending on what you're doing - for example I write best when I have low light).

Next I found this great light blue and grey rug that is subtle enough that it doesn't compete with the artwork, but colorful enough that it adds warmth and vitality to this inspiring modern home office

In my opinion, all offices need shelves even in the digital age where most of our work is done on a laptop. They're great places to place books that inspire us outward facing (so their subject is constantly in our subconscious while we're in our home office), small printers, and inspiring objects. For inspiration I chose one of my new blue contemporary ceramic sculptures specifically designed for a shelf to add an organic fluid feeling to the space. I then found these wonderful agate stone bookends to add a bit of flare to this colorful modern home office.

To round out the space I chose a functional draw shade.

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