How to Make your Modern Bathroom a Luxurious Haven

This weekend I made the most wonderful discovery. So when I woke up this morning my first thought was "oh my God, I have to share this!" You see, I have a lot of eye problems from a severe case of chronic dry eye syndrome so I'm always looking for ways to better moisturize my the hopes that it will help my eyes.

I've been following the growing movement of among some doctors that an anti-inflammation diet may I've been cleaning up my diet and feel better each day.

Now what does this have to do with luxurious modern bathrooms?

Well, it has to do with all of the unnecessary chemicals in our soaps, scrubs and shampoos. Many of the doctor's bogs I follow visited and the new documentary What's with Wheat on Netflix, recommend switching these items up for naturally based products.....So I decided to conduct an experiment and purchase soap, body scrub, and lotion made from 100% natural ingredients...After just two days of only using these products I FEEL AMAZING! My skin feels cleaner than its ever felt, my skin feels softer, and I just generally feel lighter.

And somehow my bathroom has been transformed from a okay place to bath to a luxurious haven! It's really all about the little things....


I'm designing a super luxurious modern bathroom to compliment these fabulous finds...and I'm going to include all of the inexpensive items that you can easily help you transform your own bathroom.

I'll also include the big items so you get the whole picture.

All items are available for purchase. Just click the images.

Decorating Ideas for a Luxurious Modern Bathroom (aka your own Private Haven)

When I think luxurious modern bathroom I think double vanity even if it's just me using the bathroom....I don't know...there' just something wonderful about having space to spread out. So for this bathroom I chose a modern craftsman inspired vanity that bring a bit of style to the bathroom. I then chose modern sleek faucets for it and then picked out a modern round mirror with a funky chrome edging. I'd hang two, one over each sink. Juxtaposed against the squares in the vanity it will look quite stylish.

I then found a little weaved basket to go under the sink to store all those wonderful bathroom nick-knacks like soaps that you stole from your last vacation and your spare razors. I bought some of these years ago for my own simple bathroom and I've never regretted it. They add a bit of functionality and coziness all in one.

I then chose my most soothing and coastal inspired abstract canvas prints. Art in a bathroom just brings the whole room up to another level of luxury. 

If you're lucky enough to have a stand alone soaking tub like the one below either hang one large print over it (it is available as a rectangle as well). Or if you have a tall slim wall space like what's in most bathrooms I'd hang a set of squares one on top of the other.

To figure out what size abstract canvas print would look best in your bathroom download one of my art size eguides.


Several of the spas I've visited in the last several year have incorporated bamboo bathmats into their bathing areas and I have just loved them! They also always had bamboo benches here and there for storing towels or just lounging. They're a simple purchase that can really transform a bathroom.


Two other simple ways to turn a modern bathroom into a luxurious haven is to upgrade your towels .... go crazy...fabulous towels make such a difference in how you feel when you walk out of the bathroom all wrapped in awesome softness. I recommend Ralph Lauren towels personally, which you can buy at almost any department store as well as Home Goods. 

One of the other simple way to transform your bathroom is to buy a really nice candle. You get what you pay for so I recommend really splurging. The candle will last ages especially if it is high quality. One of my favorite brands is Diptyque. Their Jasmin scented candle below is just amazing.

Other quick upgrades include a pretty new pumice stone to make your feet all smooth and lovely and a natural sea sponge which you can use to cleanse your skin or just sit on the side of the tub or shower to feel more in touch with the ocean.

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