How to Create a Colorful Contemporary Living Room with Bold Artwork

I love funky artsy living rooms. I feel so playful and creative when I'm in them. If you do too, then this post is for you.

I went extra bold, artsy, and colorful in the design of this contemporary living room. I took one of my few neutral framed prints and decided to see if I could make it compliment a bold room. The result is a contemporary living room with bold yellows, turquoise artwork, and super textured accents.

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Loft Design and Artwork Ideas for a Bold & Colorful Contemporary Living Room


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Thoughts about this Bold Living Room with Contemporary Artwork

As I said above, I started with one my few neutral framed prints. It is a close-up photograph of a hand-sculpted super textured lamp that I made about 3 years ago. In person it almost feels like the texture is coming out of the frame. If hung in a neutral room, this funky print wouldn't shine so instead I decided to play on its texture and to pair it with curated bursts of color. 

To continue the texture theme I found this awesome shag pillow. I recommend buying several and placing them on the below yellow sofa to provide balance of both color and texture in this contemporary living room.

I then chose this simple tan table lamp with yellow hues. It provides some additional color to the room without being overpowering.

Framed Abstract Coastal-inspired Print

I recommend hanging the abstract framed print over the sofa. If you prefer no frame, you may prefer the print as an abstract canvas print. It will provide a bold contrast. To figure out which size would look best in your space download one of my free guides.

The main centerpiece of this contemporary living room is the yellow sofa. It is bold so I paired it with a simple floor lamp which can be placed on one side of the sofa or as the lighting for the accent chair below. I then selected a simple white side table on which I would place the above tan table lamp. Depending on how big your living room is you could buy two for each side of the sofa or just have one.

To add more texture and a little comfort to the room, I chose this wonderfully textured ottoman puff to put your feet up on. I paired it with a simple black coffee table which matches the frame of the abstract framed print. Because turquoise goes so well with yellow, I chose one of my small turquoise sculptures to place on the coffee table as an accent piece. I recommend also purchasing some coffee table books on topics that inspire you.

I then chose a set of turquoise, blue and green modern wall sculptures to hang on the wall. If your space allows I would hand it over this super contemporary leather accent chair (which I love!). Lastly, I chose a simple weaved neutral rug to tie the whole room together.

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