How to Create a Fabulous Living Room with Colorful Artwork

Do you live in a small apartment? And you love color especially pastels? Well this post might just be for you. It showcases a complete room design for a funky little fabulous modern living room. 

When I was in my early 20s living in New York in a super narrow long apartment, the items in this room would have been amazing! The furniture is small yet super comfortable. I can just picture my younger self after a long day running between the three floors of the New Yorker magazine and coming home to these wonderful feminine colors. I would have felt truly like myself. 

If this room speaks to you, you're in luck. Everything is available for purchase. Just click on the images.


Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Fabulous Colorful Modern Living Room


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Thoughts about this Colorful Living Room with Fabulous Artwork

I started this living room design with some feminine pastel abstract canvas artwork. I then paired it with a super stylish and somewhat funky wooden table lamp (that I absolutely love!)

This pink abstract canvas print also comes in two different square prints. Scroll down till you get to #11. To figure out which size print would look best in your apartment download one of my free eguides. If you have an apartment or home with large wall spaces, download - How to Choose the Best Art Sizes for your Space. However, if you have a super small apartment or studio, download the below eguide.

I chose one of my favorite sofa brands from Wayfair for this modern living room. Why is it my favorite brands? ..because they make sofas in a huge variety of sizes so you can order exactly ths size you need for your specific space. For this room, I chose the loveseat. I chose white because it brings some nice neutral tones to the room and balances out its colorful elements. 

I then paired it with a pink and beige cushy ottoman that compliments the pink abstract canvas print. Not only does the ottoman provide storage space but it can double as another seat when you're having guests over. I then chose a set of acrylic side tables. They're clear so they make the appearance of not taking up much space.

I picked out a matching accent chair in case you have a larger or irregular shaped apartment (like I did). I then paired it with a set of my yellow modern wall sculptures...which not only perfectly compliment the pink in this modern living room, but because they're one of a kind they give the room a sense of uniqueness.

To give the room an extra touch of color, I chose this wonderful textured yellow rug. Then to bring in more neutrals to balance the room I chose these brown and black bamboo shades...which actually remind me of the ones that I had in my New York apartment (and loved!).

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