How to Create a Blue Living Room with Modern Artwork

Blue is my favorite color. Probably because it is the most calming of all the colors. I have such a monkey mind that several times a day I make sure that I stare at something calming and that something usually is blue. 

So if you have a stressful job or a loud boisterous family (and you're the quiet one) you might consider adding a little blue to your modern living room. The below post should give you a bunch of ideas. 

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Fabulous Blue Modern Living Room


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Thoughts about this Blue & Lavender Living Room with Modern Artwork

I started the design of this modern living room with a super textured blue, purple, green, and white abstract canvas print. I actually have this abstract canvas print in my house so I know first hand how multi-dimensional it can be....for example it could go really well with just neutral or it could really pop when paired with blues. So for this room I decided to mix it with both to create a room that feels grounded by neutrals but that has big pops of blue to inspire!

The first neutral accent I chose was this light beige lamp with a textured brown shade.

To figure out which size abstract canvas print would look best in your modern living room download my free eguide - How to Choose the Best Art Size for your Space. However, if you have a large living room, you may also want to download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces

To accent the fabulous blues in the abstract canvas print, I chose one of my favorite sofas from Wayfair. It has such an amazing blue tone (and a good sofa color is surprisingly hard to find!). I then paired it with this dark beautifully made and super unique side table.

For an added blue burst of fabulousness I chose this dark blue puff. You could buy one or more and use it to prop up your feet while watching television. It can also be used as extra seating at a casual gathering. I then found this fabulous contemporary white accent chair that lightens the room just a bit. Instead of choosing a traditional coffee table for this room, I instead chose a multi-functional dark leather ottoman that has a ton of storage (especially handy if you live in a small apartment) and best of all the top flips over to reveal trays that slot into the ottoman's frame. How fabulous!

To finish the room off I chose one of more organic gold modern wall sculptures, which I recommend hanging over the white accent chair. Just in case you don't want to disturb the ottoman or you want to easily bring food in from the kitchen I've picked out this fabulous blue serving tray. Lastly, I chose a textured white rug to ground the room in a light neutral tone.

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