How to Create a Modern Spa Inspired Bathroom

How to Create a Modern Spa Inspired Bathroom

Like most people, I love a spa. Actually I think they're one of the best things ever if I'm being honest. They're so relaxing and rejuvenating. 

My dream is to have a modern bathroom that resembles a spa as much as possible...if I could have the masseuse permanently on staff in my house...I'm pretty sure I would have that too:)

So I had a lot of fun designing this post. In a lot of ways this bathroom resembles my own dream spa-inspired bathroom. I designed it to have lots of texture and really play on organic shapes. 

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Decorating Ideas for a Modern Spa Inspired Bathroom

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Thoughts about this Modern Spa Inspired Bathroom

How to Create a Modern Spa Inspired Bathroom

The Lighting - When you think bathroom most people don't automatically think lighting, but I have to tell you that the right lighting in a modern bathroom can really make a huge difference. To really set this bathroom apart I chose a wooden chandelier with organic elements. The wood really will make you feel like you're in a far away place...and the effect will be even greater if you install a dimmer on the chandelier. I used to have a dimmer in my old bathroom that had a claw foot tub and it really was like heaven on earth.

The Mirror - I then continued the round theme and chose a mirror to reflect the shape of the chandelier and to balance the rectangular shape of the dark wooden vanity.

The Towels and Accessories - Then to soften the room, I chose ribbed a white ribbed bath towel set, a rounded facet for the vanity and a smooth white rounded bathroom accessories set.

The Soaking Tub - And now to my favorite element of the room...the large soaking bathtub. I picked a sleek curved bathtub and paired it with one of my most neutral organic abstract canvas prints.

The Wall Art - If your bathroom allows it I recommend hanging a large version right over the bathtub. If you have a large bathroom, I recommend downloading my eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. If you have a smaller bathroom download my eguide for small sizes on my freebies page.

The Shelf - To suit the practical needs of a stand alone rounded tub, I chose an easy to move bamboo shelf that can be brought to the edge of the tub for easy access.

Luxury Items for your Bath - I recommend stocking your shelf with a pumice stone, natural sponge, and one of my favorites lavender scented bath salts.

The Bathmats - Lastly, I chose lightly textured white bathmats and a shower curtain to give the bathroom a clean look.

The Hamper - I then chose a dark wood Asian inspired hamper to bring in more of that amazing spa feeling.

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