How to Create a Modern Rustic Bedroom with Beautiful Artwork

Even though I have a contemporary flare I still can't escape my North Carolina roots. I love a little rustic thrown into the mix. Somehow it adds a sense of homeyness to a room, don't you think?

Too much rustic can feel dated and stagnant though so I only select modern furniture and artwork with a 'feel' of rustic but designed to be modern. This way the space absorbs the rustic homeyness while also feeling refreshing.

If you love beautiful modern rustic furniture and artwork...and you'd love to bring this look to your bedroom then this post is for you! Everything is available for purchase. Just click on the images.

Beautiful Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Rustic Bedroom

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Thoughts about this Modern Bedroom with Rustic Artwork

To really dive into the modern rustic feel of this bedroom I chose this brown and white abstract canvas print from my 2016 Spring collection. It has a wonderful textured feeling about it. 

I paired it with a modern table lamp with a ceramic and wooden base to compliment its colors.

To figure out what size print you need for your specific bedroom and you have a large blank wall in your bedroom, I recommend that you download my free eguide below - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your bedroom has a lot of windows so you only have small think spaces to hanging artwork, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page. This abstract canvas print is also available as a square (which look great on large blank walls with high ceilings)

To be a light calming element to the room I chose a platform bed with a cushiony fabric headboard...which I love because if you move in your sleep you won't bump your head. I then paired with a modern styled nightstand that elegantly reveals the grain patterns of the wood bringing the room back to its modern rustic intention.

Next I chose a 'sky' blue sham pillow case and coverlet to bring in a little calm color to this modern bedroom.

I found the matching dresser to the elegant modern rustic nightstand below...which in my opinion looks even better as a dresser! I then chose a light blue contemporary arm chair to compliment the sham and coverlet for the bed. I always like to have a chair in a bedroom...not only is it a great place to put clothes while you're trying on different outfits but they're also great when you're waiting on your significant other to finishing dressing....and you're headed out for a night on the town.

I love white sheets and duvets paired with colored quilts. It just feels cozy and clean to I couldn't help myself. I had to add it to this room. For those of you who don't have sham pillows to go with these wonderful 'sky' blue pillow cases (above), I've included a link to some really great pillows.

Lastly, I picked out white blackout curtains (for improved sleep) and a set of antique brass curtain rods with a fabulous texture that fit right in with the modern rustic theme of this bedroom. I rounded out the room with a lightly textured beige jute rug.

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