How to Create a Blue & Gray Modern Bedroom with Bold Artwork

Bedrooms can be tricky to decorate. You want them to be subtle enough that you can relax in them but at the same time you don't want them to be so boring that you don't feel inspired when you're in them. After all bedrooms are the most intimate spaces in our homes. They're where we dream, where we have sex, and where we dress and undress. They should be special....and I believe above all else they are where we should feel the most like ourselves.

With this in the back of my mind, I designed the below modern bedroom with inspiration in mind. On a completely different note I also wanted to design a colorful bedroom that would bring color to a loft apartment bedroom....a genre of interior design that is often left stranded in the incredibly boring world of wood and beige.

Whether you have a loft apartment bedroom or you just love blue and gray and want to update your bedroom, keep scrolling. There's some fun colorful pieces in this design...and as always everything is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Modern Artwork and Loft Design Ideas for a Blue & Gray Bedroom with Oversized Artwork

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Thoughts about this Modern Bedroom with Bold Artwork

I started with this lovely pastel abstract canvas print from my 2016 collection. It has a wonderful range of blues, purples, and greens with a little accent of yellow. It's colorful and vibrant without being overwhelming. I then paired it with this metal bed with soft circular designs on the headboard and end. 

Depending on your space, I recommend hanging this artwork either over the bed or on a separate wall in a large size. If you'd prefer to hang the abstract canvas print on a separate wall download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces from my freebies page. It is also available as a rectangle. If you prefer a matching set of square, check out its twin.

To play up the blue tones of the artwork, I found a sky blue modern bedspread and a textured blue jute rug. These blue accents add warmth to any modern bedroom especially those in a loft apartment. Then to bring in some clean sleek accents to the room I chose my favorite white backout curtains and a plain chrome curtain rod set.

My favorite piece in this modern bedroom is definitely this blue-green table lamp that makes a great contrast to the artwork with its straight lines. I then paired it with a gray modern nightstand with simple chrome handles. Then to bring back in some white neutrality I chose this super soft duvet cover and pillow set.

Lastly, I chose the nightstand's matching dresser whose straight lines and simple design I love. I then chose this simple chrome lined large round mirror and one of my small shelf sculptures to go over the dresser and add a little arty organic feel to this bold modern bedroom.

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