How to Create a Bold Living Room Loft with Oversized Artwork

The thing that I like most about loft apartment living rooms is how much potential they have. They're these large spaces with fabulous architectural accents and large windows....and sometimes when I'm in an empty loft living room I forget that the space even needs furniture to live's just so easy to get wrapped up in their simple beauty.

I think a lot of people do the same thing...which is why a lot of loft apartment living rooms kind of get a bit neglected. I mean, really, they can be really intimidating to decorate. So that's why I designed the below bold modern living room complete with furniture, curtains, and artwork. 

If you like what you see and you think a few of the items or even the whole room would look great in your're in luck! Every item is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Design Ideas for a Modern Rustic Loft Living Room with Fabulous Oversized Artwork


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Thoughts about this Bold Living Room Loft with Oversized Artwork

For this modern loft living room, I wanted to have a bit of a modern rustic theme so I chose to begin with this set of super textured abstract canvas prints. I like having sets of large artwork in loft spaces because it doesn't break up the space but instead adds to the atmosphere of the space. Depending on the space, I recommend hang them along a long wall or throughout the room on each large wall. If you're interested in having a set of four square canvas prints in your loft living room, check out this link.

I developed this free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces - specifically to help people with loft apartments to order the right sized art. It includes recommendations for walls with furniture and without..and helps you think through where and when to buy oversized artwork. Download it for free below.

To continue the modern rustic theme, I chose this gorgeous sleek modern dark brown leather sectional sofa. I love it because it feels so fresh and modern, but at the same time the leather reminds me of my grandfather's old smoking chair. To add a little color and tie it into the modern living room's abstract artwork, I chose a simple orange lumbar pillow. I would recommend ordering several and placing them on the sofa.

I then found this awesome round textured white ottoman that can be put anywhere in the room really. You could use it as a foot rest when sitting on the sofa or as an auxiliary place to sit when you have a lot of people over. To continue the round theme, I found this funky wooden coffee table with three different levels. To bring a little orange into the space, I chose one of my small sculptures that could be set on the coffee table or on one of the tier levels of the end table below as an accent piece.

I then chose this fun round end table with levels. The levels are extra fun because you can decorate them with books and sculptures...or if you're having a lazy day you could store your bag of chips on one of the levels! Then, for extra seating and to continue the orange theme of this modern loft living room I chose this simple modern accent chair. If your space allows I would recommend buying two of them and arrange them facing the sofa. I then found this tall white lamp to go on either side of the sofa under the end tables.

Lastly, I found this super textured dark brown and beige jut rug for the floor. I love jute rugs in loft apartments. They really add an extra sense of warmth. I then chose some white blackout curtains (those large windows need curtains in my you can have your privacy and cut off glare when you're binge watching tv) and a textured antique brass curtain rod.

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