How to Create a Colorful Loft Living Room with Vibrant Artwork

I love loft apartments...I love the fact the majority of them are converted old factories. As a result they have this wonderful old well-used feeling that just gives you a sense of history when you walk in. They also have wonderful high ceilings, exposed beams, and wide open floor plans. 

However, the problem is that a lot of people who buy lofts feel overwhelmed with how to decorate them (some of my family members included)....after all the walls are so big and all of the wide open space can be intimidating...much like a blank canvas is to an artist. 

As a result, a lot of loft spaces get decorated with minimal furniture and become a celebration of the architecture instead of the person living in it. Well, if you're in this predicament, I'm here to help!

I think that there is a way to celebrate the space but add some vibrancy...the key? Furniture that can own the space and artwork that is bold and large enough to compete with large walls.

If you like the room design below, you're in luck. All of the furniture and loft-sized artwork are available for purchase. Just click the images. If you want more decorating ideas, check out my blog.


Decorating and Design Ideas for a Vibrant Loft Living Room with Oversized Artwork


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Thoughts about this Colorful Loft Living Room with Vibrant Artwork

For this loft living room design, I chose a set of bold blue, green, and white abstract canvas prints. Each can be ordered in sizes up to 56'' x 56''. For loft artwork I recommend going big! The bigger the better...that way your artwork will scale with the space. In the art business they call it oversized artwork. These prints are also bold and colorful so if you're a bold person you'll feel inspired and uplifted when you sit in your spacious modern loft living room.

To figure out exactly what size and where in your modern loft living room you should hang your abstract canvas prints, download my free e-guide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces.

To compliment the abstract canvas prints, but more importantly to bring color to a large loft space, I chose this blue-green (teal) sectional sofa. It's size will also help a loft-style living room seem balance. Another added bonus is that it can fit five people comfortable (more if you squeeze) so you can have the Super Bowl Party at your place next year! 

To bring some additional softness to the room, I chose tall white table lamps to go on either end of the sofa.

Most lofts have huge windows and it can be difficult to find window treatments for them. Long Curtains are a good options, but if you'd prefer a textured option, I recommend getting these large outdoor white blinds. They're available in large variety of large sizes.

I then chose a super modern yet rustic coffee table to compliment the bare wood quality of many loft apartments. I paired it with more sleek modern side tables and super textured white pillows to tie it back to the modern mid-century sectional sofa.

To add another dash of color, I selected this small turquoise contemporary ceramic sculpture. It would look great as an accent piece on the coffee table paired with a few coffee table books on your favorite subjects. 

Next, I found this super practical and multi-use white chair. Not only does it balance the color of the sofa, but it converts into a lounge excellent way to watch a huge flatscreen I might add! To finish the room off, I chose a textured jute rug and a tall sleek modern floor lamp that can be placed by one of the white chairs or behind the sofa depending on your light needs.

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