How to Make your Home Unique with Modern Wall Sculptures

I believe that everyone's home should feel and look like the person that lives there. It's so much better to open the door filled with objects, furniture, and pictures that align with your makes being home just feel effortless.

One personality quirk I have that I know I share with a lot of people is that I want my house to feel completely unique. I want it to be undeniable that when you walk into my house that I live there. One of the ways that I do this is by collecting and making artwork and hanging it around my house. Artwork is inherently unique and artwork that is something other than a painting (which is everyone else's go-to) is even more unique artwork go-to is modern wall sculpture.

Actually the reason that I started creating modern wall sculpture was because I wanted something different on my own walls. I like color and so much of the generic art out there is bland or seems flat somehow. I wanted artwork that was multi-dimensional ...that almost seemed to have a life of its own.

Now let's explore how you can be some of this uniqueness to our home.

Hang Modern Wall Sculptures over your Dresser

People often hang mirrors over their dressers, but if you already have a mirror somewhere else in the room, then you probably don't need why not put something above your dresser that inspires you. As you put on your jewelry or pick up your phone why not have the last thing that you see in your bedroom be a unique modern wall sculpture? I personally aspire to leave each room in my house feeling inspired.

So I've paired together a cute modern dresser with a pastel modern wall sculpture with brass highlights. The brass and the brown accents in the glaze compliment the  color and texture of the wood.

Modern Wall Sculpture in your Entryway

Why not have something inspiring and unique welcome you home? I believe that what we hang in our entryway speaks volumes about how we want to feel during our day. It is essentially what we've picked as the talisman of the gateway between our home and the world beyond. What we see visually when we come and go from our home sets our expectations. I personally, want a unique bold life that was well that makes me feel proud.

That is why for my example of a modern sculpture in an entryway I chose one of my most unique pieces. I used a combination of metallic glazes on it that I had never used together and the effect is amazing....the piece looks different at each stage of the day due to the differences in light. In this way, it feels like it has its own personality.

Modern Wall Sculptures in Awkward Spaces

It can be difficult to decorate awkward spaces, but it doesn't have to be. The trick is to find something with an 'awkward' shape as well and just hang it in the space without thinking about it too much. Love hanging odd pieces of art from my travels in these kind of spaces....for example I hung a soft-feeling wooden African mask that always made me smile above my old clawfoot bathtub right before roof line met the wall. It made for a bit of lightheartedness in the room. I loved it. 

Modern wall sculptures...especially the organic ones are great for these kinds of spaces. You just have to take into account the size...make sure that the wall sculpture is proportionate and that it's color matches the rest of the room. Hang it and then give a couple of weeks to get used to it.

Modern Wall Sculptures on Long Thin Walls

Everyone's house has a few long thin walls that just seem to always be blank....even though deep down we know that they'd look better with something. For these spaces I like to hang a set of 2 modern organic wall sculptures one above the other. I especially like to pick ones with lots of color so that no one notices the long thin wall but instead they focus on the organic shapes of the modern wall sculpture. 

Modern Wall Sculptures above Accent Chairs

Modern wall sculptures hung above accent chairs is actually one of my favorite ways to make my home unique. I love to pick out a super comfortable accent chair preferably in a fun color or style, sit it kind of catercorner to a sofa and hang some of fun organic modern wall sculpture above it. 

For larger spaces I like to hang multiple pieces. For example, the piece pictured above actually is from a set of five. If I bought this blue accent chair I would hang at least three of the pieces behind the chair in an irregular pattern. It would give the room a playful look and really highlight the brilliant blues of the chair.

Modern Wall Sculptures above Buffets and Sideboards

For sideboards I like to do something a little different. I like to play with the negative space of the hanging a bright colorful modern wall sculpture in the middle of the wall above the sideboard but leave the rest of the wall blank. Then the modern wall sculpture becomes a focal point for eye...and the surrounding blank wall seems natural.

It also has the added effect of drawing the eye of guest to the serving station if you're having a buffet. 

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