How to Create a Sophisticated Loft Living Room with Oversized Artwork

I'm not usually a fan of neutral modern living rooms, but when it comes to sophisticated loft apartments, I have to give pause. I've seen in some pretty marvelous loft spaces whose architecture spoke spoke so loudly and eloquently that if it was filled with colorful vibrant furniture then it would be too much. In my experience, these loft apartments generally have large scale industrial accents, massive columns, and/or gorgeous huge windows.

With these modern loft apartments in mind, I have designed the below living room. I made sure to use a combination of sophisticated furniture, large scale artwork that celebrated texture, and accents of orange to bring a spark of color to the room without overpowering the neutral theme of this sophisticated modern living room.

If you have a large living room or a gorgeous loft apartment that needs decorating or you're just looking for some loft design ideas, this might be the post for you. As always, all of the items are available for purchase. Just click on the images.


Loft and Artwork Design Ideas for a Sophisticated Modern Loft Living Room

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Thoughts about this Sophisticated Loft Living Room with Oversized Artwork

To celebrate texture I chose the below 'sister' neutral abstract canvas prints. They're available in sizes as large as 56'' x 56'' so they ideal for large spaces like a modern loft apartment. They're neutral so they don't distract from the architecture of the space, but they're also organic and beautiful so they add an extra bit of flare to the walls.

Oversized Neutral Artwork

I developed a free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces - specifically to help people with loft apartments to order the right sized art. It includes recommendations for walls with furniture and without..and helps you think through where and when to buy oversized artwork. 

To suit the scale of most modern loft apartments, I chose this lovely comfortable beige sectional sofa. I especially like it because it is supported by dark wood legs that make it feel like it is almost floating above the floor. 

For a flare of color, I selected this orange tall table lamp to go on either side of the sofa.

To bring some organic softness to this modern living room I picked out this wonderful wooden round coffee table to go right in the center of the sectional sofa. I then selected a beige jute rug for additional texture. To continue the round theme, I chose this simple textured light beige end table for each side of the sectional sofa.

Modern loft apartments are great for entertaining so I couldn't help but choose a complimentary accent chair. Depending on the size of your modern living room you could order a couple of these orange chairs and place them facing the sectional sofa or in their own corner. Either way I recommend hanging art over one of them. For this purpose I chose one of my favorite and most experimental modern wall sculptures. Each of the indents has crackling glass adding a wonderful complex feel to the piece. 

To finish the room, I chose this large and tall Jonathan Adler chest which could be used to store your television (especially great if you have walls that make it difficult to hang a television) or simply to be used as storage.

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