How to Create a Simple yet Elegant Colorful Entryway

I don't know about you, but I love coming home to an entryway with style! It says to me "welcome home, you awesome stylish woman! You're the bomb!" Seriously, I really do think that our decor speaks to us. 

I had a lot of fun picking out the colorful artwork and simple decor accents for this elegant hallway or entryway. Every item has a special little bit of style in it. 

So if you need some style in your entryway or hallway keep on scrolling. Maybe you'll be inspired.

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Simple yet Elegant Colorful Modern Entryway or Hallway

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Thoughts about this Simple yet Elegant Colorful Entryway

I started this hallway design with one of my most organic feeling abstract canvas print. It's maroons, blues, and purples almost look like are alive. I then paired it with this super funky contemporary table lamp with turquoise highlights. It's simple elegance balances well with the bold design of the abstract canvas print. 

To continue the organic theme, I chose this antler-inspired gold coat rack that would bring style to any entryway.

To figure out which sized abstract print would go best in your hallway or entry way, download my eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces from my freebies page. It has a detailed chart for picking art sizes for long walls with furniture.

For functional purposes I always recommend to people placing a think table in their entryway if space allows. They're great for going through mail and placing your keys so you don't misplace them. To balance the organic elements of the space, I picked out a simple acrylic table (one of my favorite tables actually). I then found a simple glass bowl to hold keys. Then to add some elegance and to play on the organic feel of the space I pick out a gold and white contemporary ceramic sculpture from my collection. I recommend placing it on a clear stand (which it comes with) and displaying it upright as pictured.

Then to pull all of the colors together I chose this fabulous blue, beige and white jute rug that comes as a runner or in regular sizes. Lastly, a hallway isn't complete without a few baskets for toys (pets and/or kids), magazines, and shoes.

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