How to Create a Funky Feminine Home Office with Abstract Artwork

I'm a quirky girl. I kind of beat to my own drum. When I don't I feel off.

I think most people are like this actually they just haven't embraced the inner quirk. If you haven't it is simply a one step at a time process. A home office is a really good place to start. After all this is 'your space.' Your place to grow your business or division..and do things your way.

So have a look below and see if this home office design appeals to you. If it kind of makes your heart go 'oh yeah' and you feel a sense of relief then this is probably the hone office design for you. 

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Decorating and Artwork for a Funky Feminine Modern Home Office


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Thoughts about this Funky Feminine Home Office with Abstract Artwork

I love purple. I especially love when it comes to designing a feminine modern home office I just can't help myself. I had to choose this pair of square abstract canvas prints. They look like a landscape, but at the same time they are simply an abstract collage of colorful pastel glazes. I recommend hanging them in eye shot of where you sit at your desk so their beauty stays in your subconscious all day.

To figure out what size print you need for your specific office and you have a large blank wall in your home office, I recommend that you download my free eguide below - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page.

To balance out the boldness of the abstract artwork above, I chose this super sleek modern white desk with a funky built in shelf.....that I love. I then paired it with a funky glass and chrome floor lamp for extra lighting (I like a lot of light in my home office).

I then shifted to accessories for the desk. To start I chose this super funky glass and chrome table lamp that will not only add style to the desk but ties in nicely with the floor lamp's style. I then chose one of my funkiest and most favorite sculptures to place on the bookshelf or for the corner of the desk (as an inspirational piece). It's super organic feel really bring out the lavender glaze. Next, I found these fabulous crystal bookends for the shelves that continue the glass theme in this modern home office.

For all of your important files, I found this white filing cabinet with glass knobs. I love it when style and function meet! I then saw this purple swivel chair and knew it was perfect for this feminine home office! It kind of feels queen-like, don't you think? Lastly, I found this textured jute rug to bring some texture to the room (jute rugs also make swivel chairs a little more manageable...every been on a run-away swivel chair...I have! It's not pretty).

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