How to Create a Calming Modern Bedroom with Colorful Artwork

I get the impression from most home decor blogs that I've been on that people associate beige and white with being calm. This has always kind of baffled me. Beige and white are fabulous base colors, but they don't make me feel alive. When I'm at my most calm it's because I have a deep sense of purpose and hunger for life in my belly.

For me, calm means surrounding myself with things I love, colors I love, pets I love, and people I love. So in celebration of this I decided to design a modern bedroom with fabulous color that calms the soul.

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Decorating and Artwork Ideas for a Calming and Colorful Modern Bedroom


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Thoughts about this Calming Modern Bedroom with Colorful Artwork

I started with one of my pastel abstract canvas prints. I like it for a bedroom because it has a shadow over half of it's like us...we spend a third of our lives in the dark and asleep. The colors are bold but subdued enough that they inspire and calm at the same time. To add balance to the room I picked out a contemporary wooden nightstand with metal feet and a blue table lamp that brings out the soft blues of the abstract canvas print.

Depending on your space, I recommend hanging the abstract artwork either over the bed or on a separate wall in a really large size. If you'd prefer to hang the abstract canvas print on a separate wall I recommend downloading my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces from my freebies page

I then chose this contemporary wooden bed with a fabric covered headboard. I then paired it with a super soft white duvet cover and pillow set. To bring in an accent of elegance and color I chose one of my modern wall sculptures that matches the green in the abstract canvas print. I recommend hanging it either over the bed or over the dresser depending on your preference and bedroom layout.

Next I chose a dresser that matches the night stand to bring a sense of cohesion to the room. I then paired it with a black-out white roman shade to balance the white on the bed and to ensure that the modern bedroom's occupants got a good night sleep (studies show that the less light you have in your bedroom the better you sleep). To bring another dash of colorful inspiration into the room I chose this turquoise blue accent chair.

Lastly, to ground the room and bring a little texture into the mix I chose a beige jute rug. I then finished off the room with a beautiful white jewelry box with a large mirror.

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