How to Create a Fabulous Modern Loft Living Room with Oversized Artwork

Loft apartments are fabulous. They have wonderful architectural accents from high ceilings to concrete walls to exposed beams to tall old windows. They celebrate their former industrial characteristics and they celebrate the scale of the space. 

As a result they can also be really hard to decorate. One of the common mistakes I see in all homes is that people buy artwork that is too small for their space....they are often scared that the artwork will outshine the room if it is too big. However, in loft spaces people often feel overwhelmed by just how much wall and floor space there is to decorate in a loft living room or bedroom. Their instincts make them shy away from large pieces...and so people are left super confused. 

Well, I'm here to help....because no one should have to feel this way. Loft are awesome! 

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Artwork and Design Ideas for a Living Room with Oversized Abstract Artwork


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Thoughts about this Modern Loft Living Room with FabulousOversized Artwork

The Artwork - Let's start with loft artwork. If you love artwork and you have a loft with high ceilings and wide open spaces, go big or sell. Celebrate your space with oversized artwork. I swear you won't regret it. People often fear that the space will loose its loft character, but that will only happen if you choose a bunch of art that has nothing in common. What I suggest is pick artwork in a series and hang it throughout your modern loft living room. For example, I developed the print series above (which has six unique prints - two of which are shown above) specifically for large loft spaces. Not only are they infused with dark and gray elements common in lofts, but they're also organic feeling so they bring a softness to an industrial space. I developed the free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces specifically to help people with loft apartments to order the right sized art. It includes recommendations for walls with furniture and without.

The Sectional Sofa - I then chose a large sectional sofa. If your space is really large, you may consider buying two (and arrange them facing one another) or an even larger version. It's also important to make it colorful. After all, people don't normally paint the walls of a loft a bright color because they want to celebrate it's architecture (and rightfully so!) so find furniture with color. For this sectional sofa I choose a blue that matches the oversized artwork above.

The Table Lamp - I then chose a sleek chrome table lamp to match the industrial feel of most lofts.

The Ottoman - I balanced the blue of the sofa with this charcoal colored ottoman in a similar style.

The Side Table - I then chose this super awesome side table (which should be paired with the sleek lamp above). My favorite part about this side table is the natural wood slab under the glass top. Click on the image to see it from all's pretty amazing.

The Rug - I chose this white textured rug to bring some lightness to the room...and the white will bring out the light elements of the artwork. I recommend ordering the largest size and placing it in the middle of the living room. It will completely change the feel of the space.

The TV Cabinet - Lastly, I found this sleek mid-century cabinet which can be used to sit a TV (which can be difficult to install on a concrete wall) or you can use to put out snacks during your next Super Bowl Party. 

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