How to Create a Stylish & Feminine Modern Home Office

I believe in the law of attraction. If you don't know what it is...the law is based on the natural law that like attracts if you have are feeling positive feelings you will attract more positive things into your life. I know it's been true in my I design my rooms with this law at the forefront of my mind. 

I want my clients to succeed in their business and I believe that helping them have beautiful inspiring spaces to work in provides them with a positive anchor to do this. I know that people tend to think of decor as something that doesn't really matter especially when it comes to business but it really does. What we surround ourselves with is important. If our surroundings are positive and inspiring it sets up our subconscious to be in a positive state....and when we're in a positive state we come up with kickass ideas that make the world a better place.

I you want to make your modern home office into a stylish anchor of your feminine power then this post (or some of my other posts) might be perfect for you. As always, everything is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Stylish & Feminine Modern Home Office


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Thoughts behind this Stylish & Feminine Modern Home Office

For this stylish home office, I started with a somewhat rustic piece of artwork. What I like about this brown, white and red abstract canvas print is how the background's white tones make it look so clean but at the same time it has so many brown organic elements that it feels like you can touch it and feel the texture. To accent this feel, I paired it with this super funky feminine swivel chair. The sleek white leather of the inside of the chair accentuates the white in the artwork while the grainy wood of its underside brings out the brown textured feel of the artwork. 

If the size of your home office allows, I recommend choosing a large sized print and hang it on a large blank wall. You can download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page. You may consider also ordering the other print in this set.

I then chose a modern white writing desk with drawers for your staplers and note pads and paired it with a bright yellow accent chair for your guests. The yellow brings out the yellow flecks in the artwork and adds a colorful flare to the yellow is a happy color and who doesn't want to feel happy?

To compliment the chair and continue the happy theme of this stylish home office I chose long yellow curtains and a simple silver curtain rod. I then found a simple textured beige jute rug to bring texture and grounding to the room and to compliment the brown in the artwork. 

Lastly, I chose a contemporary stained wooden bookshelf to store books and files, but to bring more style to the room. I chose one of my small yellow sculptures as an accent piece for the shelf and found some funky metal bookshelves to play on the stylish feminine feeling of this modern home office.

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