How to Create a Modern Organic Dining Room with Colorful Artwork

I absolutely love the modern organic look. It's not really a popular term, but one that I'm hoping to make popular. It means decor that reflects a flowing organic style while staying modern and sleek. In this modern organic dining room design, I've integrated organic flowing sculpture, artwork, and dinnerware with sleek modern furniture. The result is a room that feels natural and casual even though the furnishings are quite elegant.

I made sure that this modern organic dining room also contained colorful accents. I wanted it to feel vibrant and inspire dinner guests to make positive lively conversation...and to feel like the evening is flowing smoothly. Because when you feel uninspired at a dinner party the evening can go quite slow...I know I've definitely been at some of those I want to help people set the mood of their dining room for positive outcomes.

If you're looking to change the mood in your dining room, this room design might just be for you. As always everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Modern Dining Room with Organic Artwork


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Thoughts behind this Modern Organic Dining Room with Colorful Artwork

For this modern organic dining room I started the design process with the ding room chairs...since I find it difficult to find ones that I love. So when I found these simple yet elegant chairs I knew I had was good to start. What I really like about them is that they look comfortable enough that you could spend a whole evening in them and not wake up with a crick in your back.  I then found a matching simple yet elegant dining room table.

Next, I picked out a beige and white organic ceramic centerpiece for the middle of the table...because I think that all dining room tables look best with a beautiful focal point for the eye. Then, given the super neutral design of the room at this point I knew it needed a serious splash of color so I picked out this red, pink, and yellow abstract canvas print from my 2016 collection for the wall. Depending on the layout of your dining room I recommend either hanging it over the buffet or on a large blank wall. If you have the space for a pair you should also get its twin to make a set

To figure out what sizes would look best in your space, download my free eguide below if you have a larger sized dining room. However if you have a small dining room or a room with just a few small places to hang artwork download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces.

Next, I found this simple mid-century wooden buffet that I just loved. I immediately knew that it needed some artwork so I found this colorfully glazed tall vase with yellow and purples to bring out those colors in the artwork. 

Then I found dinnerware that would match the organic modern motif of this dining room. I love the organic dimples on the sides. To compliment the textured elements of the room I found a beige jute rug to give the room some grounding. 

Lastly, I knew that in order to complete the organic look of the room it had to have flowing white I found these thick white curtains and antique brass curtain rods that and carved so they resemble bark.

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