How to Create a Coastal-inspired Feminine Home Office

Do you love the ocean like I do? Do you find it incredibly inspiring and moving? Then it only makes sense that you would bring that feeling of inspiration and movement to the walls of your business. The subconscious is a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage....and you can do this by decorating your home office in a way that makes you feel amazing! 

To celebrate this, I designed the below office in modern sleek style that celebrates these feelings. Being a female entrepreneur myself I want to support my fellow ladies to be the most successful fulfilled and bold versions of themselves...because I truly believe that an undercurrent movement is happening....women becoming economic powerhouses. My job is to make sure your surroundings support your mindset.

So if I've piqued your interest. Keep scrolling. Every item is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for Coastal-inspired Feminine Home Office




Thoughts behind this Coastal-inspired Feminine Home Office

For this modern feminine coastal-inspired home office I started with the artwork...because I really wanted to set the mood right. I chose this set of blue and yellow abstract canvas prints because they feel so fluid and they remind me of the ocean. For this design I recommend getting as large of a size as your home office allows. In my experience the positive emotional impact of artwork increases with its size. 

If the size of your home office allows, I recommend choosing a large sized print and hang it on a large blank wall. You can download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page.

To add a little glamour to the room, I found a mirrored writing desk with a single drawer. I love how the mirrored top reflects the ocean-inspired artwork. Next, I chose a brown textured jute rug to provide grounding to the room to balance the artwork.

Then I chose a tall chrome bookcase that matches the desk. I love large bookshelves in offices. Even though we read a lot of ebooks these days there's something really inspiring about having copies of your favorite books within eye shot. They remind us of the ideas inside them and stay with us throughout our day as we work. In addition to books I always like to have other objects that inspire me on my bookshelves. For this reason, I've chosen one of my upright yellow and white sculptures which not only bring out the yellow in the artwork, but will make the bookshelves feel so much more cheerful. In addition, I found some great crystal and glass bookends that really fit the style of the room.

Next, I found this super awesome filing cabinet. Now, I wouldn't normally describe a filing cabinet as awesome, but I absolutely love the blue and modern design of this one. It totally bring together the coastal-inspired theme of this modern home office.

Lastly, I chose two very different chairs for the room. The first is a super comfortable blue swivel chair with a cushiony fabric-lined back. How says working shouldn't be comfortable? Not me! The second is the guest chair which is a little unconventional but feel so coastal and fits so well with the style of the room that I just had to include it. It's a white ribbed chair with a circular back. I love it's sleek white design.

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