How to Create a Beautiful Blue Mid-Century Living Room

Do you love the mid-century look? I have to honest here and tell you that I used to think that it was cold and not that attractive. But that all changed with I got to know the owner of a high-end second hand furniture store owner. She introduced me to all of the funky fun styles that were around in the mid-century. I think my problem was that I had associated mid-century furniture with the Brady Bunch house and that house was all stones and beiges with some red thrown in here and there for affect. It just didn't seem very soft to me. 

So when I started to change my mind about mid-century furniture I started to really play with what mid-century furniture could be paired with. This beautiful blue mid-century living room is the result. I wanted to create a room that had the fun and funky nature of mid-century but also celebrated color and had soft elements to make the room feel inviting.

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Beautiful Blue Mid-Century Living Room

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Thoughts behind this Beautiful Blue Mid-Century Living Room

  1. The Accent Chair - I started the design of this beautiful blue mid-century living room with this beige mid-century accent chair with a maple expresso finish I loved how the box frame was held up by four thin legs. It almost looks like it's floating!
  2. The Wall Art - I knew though that I'd need to pair it with a super organic piece of I chose one of my favorites from my 2016 collection. This square blue, turquoise, green, and brown abstract canvas print compliments the brown tones of the chair but also is a gentle explosion of color. To find the right size for your living room download one of my free eguides.
  3. The Sofa - I recommend hanging it above this white sleek sofa with these fun little round pillows on either and and having the accent chair be catty corner...that is of course if your living room dimensions allow that. If you prefer to place your sofa below a set of windows then I recommend hanging it on a large blank wall. Just be sure to get a large size so that its colors so it can give it's full effect! To figure out which size would look best in your living room, download the eguide below.
  4. The Side Tables and Table Lamps - To bring in more organic features, I found this awesome side table and paired it with a turquoise blue table lamp with a fabulous glass finial.
  5. The Coffee Table - I then found a mid-century coffee table with a maple expresso finish....
  6. The Rug - ....and a fabulous blue and turquoise rug to continue the blue and turquoise theme. This rug is especially great if you have dogs as it is super easy to clean.
  7. The Window Shades - To finish off the room I found dark bamboo roman shades for the windows.
  8. The TV Stand and Accent Pieces - Then I found a maple expresso finish TV stand that matches the coffee table and accent chair. I'd recommend doing something a little different with it however. I'd recommend hanging your flat screen on the wall above it and use it to display artwork such as this turquoise and gold vase sculpture. That way even when you're enjoying your favorite tv series your subconscious will be taking in inspiring organic artwork and getting those creative juices flowing!


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