How to Create a Simple Stylish Modern Bedroom

I love color, but sometimes you just crave a more simplistic room with darker shaded. So this stylish modern bedroom is a testament to that mood. It's also a more masculine room design than I usually put out there....but still with the softness of my feminine propensities...making it a great room for a married couple.

If you like neutral tones with richer darker shades of color in your bedroom then this might be a great room design for you. If so, keep scrolling. Everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.

Simple Designs and Artwork Ideas for a Stylish Modern Bedroom

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Thoughts behind this Simple Stylish Modern Bedroom

  1. The Wall Art - I began this design with this dark red, lavender, brown and blue abstract canvas print. I like the complex and super organic feel of this piece and I knew that it would look great in a bedroom. If you have very high ceilings you can place the artwork above the headboard, but what I recommend actually is to get a larger sized print and hanging it next to the bed on a blank wall (if the layout of your bedroom allows). To figure out which prints sizes would work best in your space download my free eguide - How to Choose the Best Art Sizes for your Space from my freebies page.
  2. The Bed - So I then went about finding a bed with a large fabric that I knew would bring out the lovely blues of the artwork. When I found the above bed with its beautiful blue fabric on its sides and on the large headboard I knew I had a good start. 
  3. The Side Tables - Next I found a simply designed dark wood side table for the bed and a white lamp with a curved bottom and a wonderful tan lampshade.
  4. The Bench - To give this stylish modern bedroom a touch of feminine softness I found a cushy white bench that would look great at the end of the bed. I love these benches. They're perfect for draping clothes across when you're trying to figure out what to wear and simply sitting when you're talking to your significant other.
  5. The Dressers - To compliment the simple design and dark wood of the side table I found two matching dresser with sleek simple lines. One is tall and great for sweaters, socks and underwear while the other is shorter with three levels of drawers and has a nice top for keeping jewelry, books, and other decorative objects such as this small. red and gold organic ceramic sculpture.
  6. The Mirror - I've also included this fabulous large circular mirror for above this dresser.
  7. The Accent Chair - For an extra feminine touch I chose a sleek white cushy accent chair for room corners and long white thermal curtains for privacy.
  8. The Rug - Lastly, I chose a textured beige jute rug to bring a grounded feeling to this simple stylish modern bedroom.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this bedroom design to your home.

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