How to Create a Modern Rustic Blue Bedroom for a Loft Apartment

Sometimes I like to imagine that my bedroom is in an old castle in Europe. Oh stop laughing at me. I know you do it too:) 

I've been fortunate enough to have stayed in several..all of them beautiful hotel conversions. My favorites was this gorgeous stone castle in Northern Italy. I was visiting a friend in Switzerland and we drove down for to Italy for a few days. The room was amazing. It had almost 20 foot ceilings and massive windows that you could literally sit in. I really thought that I was in a dream. 

But the funny thing was though that I remember thinking that the space needed larger more rustic looking furniture. I often think this as well when I'm in gorgeous high ceilinged loft apartments. So for those out there with large loft spaces or simply large bedrooms this modern rustic blue bedroom is for you. It might spark some ideas...or you might simply love it the way it is. If so, everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.

Loft-inspired Design and Artwork Ideas for a Modern Rustic Bedroom 


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Thoughts behind this Rustic Blue Bedroom 

For this modern rustic bedroom design I started with the furniture. I wanted to make sure that it was large enough and made enough of a statement to look good in a spacious loft apartment bedroom...and it does.

The Large Gentleman's Chest - My favorite piece by far is this large 'Gentleman's Chest' which I totally think is a misnomer because let's face it, any woman in her right mind is claiming this chest of awesomeness. I love how rustic yet dark it is and how on one side you can hang clothes and on the other there's tons of handy drawers. I know it's corny to say but it almost feels medieval to me.

The Wall Art - Next I made sure that the room had artwork that would add texture and color to the room without distracting from its rustic quality. For this I chose a rectangle blue white and green abstract canvas print. If you'd like to really bring out the blue of the headboard I recommend hanging it over the bed and downloading my free eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space from my freebies page. However, if you have a large blank wall or really high ceilings in your bedroom you might consider buying either the pair of 3 matching rectangle prints from this set or the set of 6 square prints. To get an idea of what would work best in your bedroom download the above eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces.

The Headboard - As mentioned above I found a luxurious blue fabric covered headboard which balances out the rustic-ness of the wooden furniture and the colorfulness of the artwork. Plus it just looks really comfortable.

The Duvet Cover and Shams - Next I picked out a nice crisp white duvet and pillow case set and textured white euro sham pillow covers to give the bed a nice clean crisp feeling.

The Curtains - Then to continue the crisp white theme which by the way ties in nicely with the white streaks in the artwork I chose thick thermal white curtains and a nice bronze rustic looking rod to match the furniture.

The Bedside Tables and Dresser - I found bedside tables and a chest of drawers to match the gentleman's chest.

The Table Lamps - then added a sleek blue and white modern table lamp for the end tables to not only bring more color to the room but to give it a more modern touch.

The Mirror - Also, for a modern touch I found a large circular mirror for over the chest of drawers.

The Rug - Next, I found a wonderfully textured white jute rug to ground the room and bring a clean light feeling to the room.

The Accent Chair - Then to bring in more blue accents I found a fabric covered accent chair which is great for those times when you're waiting for your significant other.

The Wall Accent - I always love to add a little extra touch above accent chairs so I picked out one of my favorite modern wall sculptures from my 2017 collection. It's blue and white texture adds a little whimsical to the room.

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