How to Create a Stylish Blue & Green Modern Bedroom

How to Create a Stylish Blue & Green Modern Bedroom Pinterest.png

Stylish Design and Artwork Ideas for a Modern Blue & Green Bedroom

Do you love blue and green...and you have a thing for abstract art? Are you looking for inspiration for your bedroom? Do you want to feel inspired when you're lying in your bed?

Well, if this is you then keep reading because I've put together some bedroom ideas that really might appeal to you. This post isn't necessarily an 'insta-room' but an inspiration room. After all, maybe you just need to spice up your bedroom with a few new pieces of furniture....I've incorporated my signature colorful pieces and artwork with neutral pieces to create a balanced room that is cozy yet will make you feel alive when you're in it.

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Thoughts behind this Stylish Blue & Green Bedroom

Artwork - I started with this bold green and blue print because I really had an urge to design a room around this fantastic print. It's bold but it's not so crazy that it would keep you up at night. Its blues and greens mingle in such an organic way that it feels almost like nature has creeped into your bedroom and wants to sooth you to sleep.

To figure out what size is right for you download my free guide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces

Headboard - Next I found this textured linen white headboard to balance the room and to bring out the wonderful white flecs in the print. I also chose it because it has an elegant design and a soft feminine way about it that make you want to reach out and touch it before you drift off to sleep.

Dresser & Side Table - I then found these matching dark wood stained dresser and side table that bring an earthy quality to the room and I knew I needed to include them. Instead of new ones I think you could also incorporate some dark mid-century 'antique' pieces for some added character.

Duvet Cover & Bed Skirt - To bring more neutral to the room I chose this white duvet cover made from organic cotton and this white bed skirt with super clean lines.

Table Lamp - To compliment the blue and green shades of the print I found this slightly textured blue green nightstand table lamp.

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Mirror & Wall Sculpture - This silver mirror is a great accent for over the dresser if you need something a mirror to use to put your earrings on or to quickly check your hair before you leave the room. Meanwhile this set of 2 wall sculptures will compliment the print with its own ode to organic and similar green and blue palate.

Rug - To bring a neutral earthy foundation to the room I chose this light brown jute rug which feels great on bare feet when you wake up in the morning

Accent Chair - To compliment the green I chose this elegant upholstered accent chair for you to relax in in your bedroom or use as an alternative coat rack (which is what I do:))

Curtains & Rod - Lastly, I chose these white black-out curtains to match the headboard and these rods with fund clear glass ends that give the room a little elegant touch.

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