How to Create a Beautiful Yellow Loft Inspired Living Room

How to Create a Beautiful Yellow Loft Inspired Living Room

If you've read my blog before you know that I absolutely love lofts. Their large spaces and architectural quirks allow for so many interesting room design possibilities!

I love their original wood floors, high ceilings and large windows....the only thing I don't like about them is how terribly brown they usually are. That's why I've designed this loft-inspired yellow modern living room. I want to not only bring color to normal living room all across the world, but I want to make loft apartment living rooms come alive with color...and serve as an inspirational focus for the people that live in them.

So if you have a large living room or a loft apartment that needs a bit of color, keep on reading. You might just find the perfect furniture and artwork for it. As always, every item is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Beautiful Yellow Loft Inspired Modern Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Beautiful Yellow Loft Inspired Living Room

I started off with color! Yellow to be exact. I chose these yellow, white and pink abstract canvas prints not only for their bold nature but because my square prints come in sizes up to 56'' x 56'' and I absolutely love large colorful artwork in lofts spaces. I think it really compliments their large spaces and brings the walls to life. I especially like hanging similar artwork in these spaces because it brings color without breaking up the continuity of the room.

How to Create a Beautiful Yellow Loft Inspired Living Room

I developed a free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces - specifically to help people with loft apartments to order the right sized art. It includes recommendations for walls with furniture and without..and helps you think through where and when to buy oversized artwork. 

Lastly, I found this beautiful white accent chair (I recommend buying at least two) that can be place on the opposite side of the sofa or in a special sitting room depending on the layout of your loft apartment living room. I then found these amazing end tables...all with different heights and textures. They can be placed all over the room...wherever you need them to support your cocktail or bowl of popcorn. To finish the room off and add a bit more texture, I found this large thick white rug that ties together the loft artwork, the accent chair, and the rest of this modern living room's furniture.

Next, I found this awesome large wooden coffee table for in front of the sectional sofa...a perfect place for this yellow and gold centerpiece sculpture.

To compliment the large space of a loft apartment, I chose this large beige sectional sofa. It's size not only allows comfort and the ability to invite lots of your friends over, but it also balances the size of the large loft artwork above. I then chose this tripod wooden table lamp to go on either end of the sofa.

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