How to Create a Funky Colorful Modern Dining Room

If you like to entertain then you need a modern dining room that is inviting, fun, and a reflects your personality. I know when I have people over it's almost always a casual affair. I want people to feel comfortable in my home. I don't actually even have a dining room (it's currently a play area for my dog) at the moment....But in my next home I want a colorful dining room that looks very similar to the one below....something that's funky and approachable....and that makes me want to have a dinner party.

If you're in the same boat. If your dining room is currently underused simply because you don't like it or it's not an inviting space, then I invite you to rethink your space. What if your dining room was an area of your home that you absolutely loved? What if you wanted to invite people over just to hang out in the space? I don't know about you but that's the kind of modern colorful dining room I want!

If you're ready for a change then you're in luck. Everything in this post is available for purchase. Just click on the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Funky Colorful Modern Dining Room


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Thoughts behind this Funky Colorful Modern Dining Room

The Wall Art - I began designing this modern colorful dining room by picking out one of my favorite prints from my 2016 (seriously I'm totally going to order one for myself when I move). It has blues, browns, and greens and a ode to lines that I just love. I recommend hanging it over buffet in a large size. I guarantee it will make the room pop! My free eguide - How to Choose the Right Art Size for Large Spaces has a great chart for finding the right art size for over furniture on long walls.

Dining Table - Next I chose this sleek modern dining room table whose stained wood goes great with the abstract artwork above.

Centerpiece - I then chose a white organic ceramic sculpture to serve as a centerpiece for the dining room table. It's organic feel not only goes well with the artwork but bring a softness to the room invites you in....

Dining Chairs - Next, I found these super funky blue and wood dining room chairs. The blue pops and its sleek design adds a real fun element to the room.

Dinnerware - To add to the sleek feel of the room I chose a set of simple white china

Rug - I also added a plain yet elegant white rug to ground the room to add to the sleek feel of the room. 

Buffet Table and Vase - Finally, I chose a modern funky buffet that matches the dining room table and a sleek green vase sculpture to sit upon it as an accent piece.

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