How to Create a Modern Organic Living Room with Colorful Artwork

Having lived in the mountains for the past 5 years I've really grown to appreciate nature and have even incorporated its organic influence into my artwork. In the below modern living room design I've kept the modern sleek and colorful aesthetic that I love so much, but interweaved it with some really awesome organic elements. 

I've also given it a modern coastal vibe....which I'll be honest is one of my favorite looks. When I walk into a room I love being subtly reminded of the beach, but not feeling like someone is trying to bring the beach into my living room. So when I designed this modern organic living room I incorporated a lot of sleek colorful modern furniture and soft clean looking fabrics.

If you're looking to decorate your own living room in the modern organic genre, then this room design might be perfect for you. Everything is available for purchase. Just click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Colorful Modern Organic Living Room 

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Thoughts behind this Organic Living Room with Modern Artwork

I started this modern organic living room design with literally one of my favorite prints from my 2016 collection. I like it because it is a collage of blues turquoises, and favorite colors. It has has this super coastal vibe without being over the top. I couldn't help but pair it with this sleek white slipcovered sofa. The sofa brings out the artwork's bold white stripe down the middle while the stark whiteness of the sofa also allows the blues and turquoises to fine through.

I recommend either hanging this colorful piece of artwork over the sofa or on a large side wall if the size of your living room allows. To figure out which size abstract canvas print would look best in your modern stylish living room download my free eguide below - How to Choose the Best Art Size for your Space. However, if you have a large living room, you may also want to download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces

To bring an organic aesthetic to the room I chose these dark stained super organic wooden side tables and coffee table. I absolutely love how the designers used the natural holes and cracks from weathering to bring character to the pieces. They almost seem like someone brought them from the sea and put them into the space...except first they polished them up and gave them function. 

Second, I chose some of my most organic gold pieces from my sculpture collection...choosing a set of gold bowl sculptures as coffee table accents and a modern wall sculpture to hang over one of the accent chairs or in a nook (depending on the layout of your living room).

To give this modern organic living room a colorful flare I chose two different accents chairs both with different styles and both bringing out different colors in the large abstract canvas print. Depending on the dimensions of your living room you could place them catty corner to the sofa facing each other across the coffee table....or side by side facing the white sofa across the coffee table.

For those TV-lovers out there (I include myself in this) I found this awesome textured long sideboard that can support a large TV and serve as a great place to store board games and toys. I also chose a sleek tall floor lamp. I recommend buying several and placing them throughout the room depending on how much natural light your space gets. And lastly, I chose a light beige jute rug to not only bring a neutral base to the room, but to ground the room with its texture.

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