How to Create a Stylish Feminine Home Office with Modern Artwork

Home offices are important places. They are where we plan our business strategy, conduct conference calls and interviews, and where we buckle down and crack out work. So it's important to design them intentionally so that they inspire that they serve as a gorgeous and professional backdrop on our calls, and that they make us feel comfortable. 

As I've said before what we look at everyday has a tremendous effect on our subconscious why not make the place where we make money as inspiring and well-suited to our business needed as possible. It does make a big difference. I promise you.

So with this in mind, I've designed the below modern feminine home office to be not only as stylish as possible but with a splash of glamor. As always everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Modern and Stylish Feminine Home Office


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Thoughts behind this Contemporary Home Office with Feminine Artwork

I started this design with this amazingly contemporary metal L-shaped. It gives the room such a powerful industrial feel and I just love it. I then paired it with a metal bookshelf to bring some continuity to the room. 

Then to soften the room and make it more of a stylish feminine home office for all you bold women out there, I chose a large pink and white abstract canvas print with super textured elements to it. If the size of your home office allows, I recommend choosing a large sized print and hang it on a large blank wall. You can download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. However, if your office is small or is a nook, download my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces from my freebies page

I thought this modern home office needed some stylish features so I searched high and low for a great overhead lighting fixture...and what I found did not disappoint. This metal chandelier with round cut-outs will really make you feel like your office is a glamorous destination.

I also thought the office needed some really stylish accent pieces to soften it with this in mind I chose one of my most organic pink and gold sculptures for the bookcase. Upon request, it comes with a clear stand that will allow you to showcase its amazing textured pink glaze on its interior. I also chose these round stone bookends and this textured beige jute rug to compliment the beige elements of the artwork.

Next, I found this super stylish pink swivel chair to accentuate this modern home office's pink artwork. I then rounded out the room with a modern sleek filing cabinet and a fun contemporary adjustable table lamp.

All put together this stylish feminine home office makes a great backdrop for conferences calls and a great inspiration to create amazing products or creative ventures for your business.

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