How to Create a Stylish Contemporary Home Office

How to Create a Stylish Contemporary Home Office

How we feel when we walk into and spend time in our home office is so important. If the space makes us feel uplifted and abundant than it can really inspire us in ways that we've never imagined. 

I know for when that when I work in an environment that has everything that I need, is clean and organized and is delightful to look at then I feel more aligned with my business and am 100% more productive and focused. Not only can I feel more relaxed in my working space, but I have an unconscious buzz of excitement even when I'm not in the office....and this manifests into better 'pop into my head' ideas in the shower or while you're grocery shopping (my best places for ah-ha moments).

With this in mind, I created a super function but extremely pleasing to the eye stylish contemporary home office...complete with furniture and artwork. So Keep scrolling. Everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images. Your home office space will thank you:)

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Stylish Contemporary Home Office


Make your Home Office Inspirational.....Simply Click the Images to Purchase.


Thoughts behind this Stylish Contemporary Home Office with walnut furniture

  1. The Artwork - For this stylish contemporary home office, I started with one of my favorite abstract prints from my 2017 collection. It is a photography of the glaze on one my newest wall sculptures. I think art is incredibly important for inspiration. The color and organic feel of it feels natural yet excites the primal part of our brains....leading to better gut-based ideas. It is for this reason that I believe that you should place art in your direct line of vision when you look up from your computer and it should be the largest size possible given the space. To figure out which print size would look best in your stylish contemporary home office download one of my free eguides on my freebies page. If you if your office is on the small side (for example you only have room for the desk and you have a large window then download my eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Spaces. If you have a medium to large office and particularly if it's a loft space then I recommend downloading downloading my eguide for large spaces. It has a wonderful chart for figuring out which art size to hang in blank spaces and over furniture.
  2. The Desk - Next, I chose a large walnut desk. I like this desk because it is expansive and makes a statement. It says that my work is important and I mean business. This desk will really plant in a seed in your subconscious that your business has a bunch of possibilities for growth. I know it sounds super literal, but I swear it works.
  3. The Bookshelf - To match the walnut desk I found a funky tall bookshelf with cubes for books, sculptures, awards and anything else that inspires you or makes you proud of your business.
  4. Shelf Accents - I even picked out one of my small turquoise sculptures to decorate it with. The turquoise also helps tie the bookshelf in with the blue turquoise and white abstract print.
  5. The Desk Chair - To lighten up the room and add some stylish accents I chose this super stylish contemporary white swivel chair and a blue glass table lamp.
  6. Guest Chairs - For guests (or is you need a more plush chair while you work) I chose this blue upholstered accent chair. If you have a larger space I definitely recommend getting two....even if you do most of your work online or over the phone. They will put you in the mindset of collaboration....after all you'll have two comfortable guest chairs in your line of vision for the entire day. 
  7. The Lighting - For behind your desk or as lighting for your guests I chose this funky chrome floor lamp that matches the base of the desk.
  8. The Curtains - To compliment the chrome I then found a contemporary styled curtain rod and accompanied it with white black-out and thermal insulated curtains that do three important things: 1) block out light when you need to watch business videos, 2) keep the cold or heat out on days with extreme weather and 3) bring a soft cozy feeling to the room.
  9. The Filing Cabinet - Lastly for those of you who keep files in paper form, I chose two different filing cabinets....a larger one to the right that doubles as a place for your printer...and to the left I chose a more compact filing cabinet. Both are great but suit two very different needs.
  10. The Rug - To finish off the room I chose a thick white rug to add some plushness to the room and make it feel cozy.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this stylish contemporary home office to your home.

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How to Create a Stylish Contemporary Home Office
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