How to Create an Inviting Modern Organic Entryway

Entryways are really important. They are the first thing that we see when we walk in the door and the last thing we see when we leave our house or apartment. Essentially they set the stage for how we think about our home. 

If you don't have an entryway that you love. Think about this for a moment. How would it feel to walk in your door and absolutely love everything that you could breath in deeply and know that you're in safe place that is aligned with who you truly are. This is why I do what I do. I want everyone to have this feeling. I want people to walk in their doors and be infused with positive affirming feelings that help put them in a better mood as they walk into the rest of the house and and greet your family. 

So with this in the back of my mind, I designed this entryway with furniture that feels grounded and artwork that is modern and organic to remind people of the smooth elegance of nature. 

If this entryway design makes your shoulders relax and puts a smile on your face then I've done my job. Remember that everything in the post is available for purchase. Simply click the images. Also, there are links to other entryway designs at the bottom of this post.

Design and Artwork Ideas for an Inviting Modern Organic Entryway


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Thoughts behind this Inviting Modern Organic Entryway

  1. The Wall Art - I started the design of this inviting modern organic entryway with the artwork. Why the artwork you ask? Well, artwork is what we look at first in an entryway...and really in any room (unless there is a magnificent view of course). And artwork is can instantly change our I picked this particular blue and white coastal-inspired canvas print because it is so organic and happy feeling. To find the right wall art size for your home office download one of my free eguides from my freebies page.
  2. The Table - I then chose this long wooden entryway table. I love its simple design and Asian influence. I also love how it feels so grounded. I think it serves as a wonderful balancer to the artwork that feels fluid. It's length is why I chose the rectangular version of the print above. However, if you'd prefer a set of two square prints you can check out square 1 and square 2 of this set. To figure out which sizes would look best over this long wooden table and in the context of your entryway, download the below guide. How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces. It has a wonderful chart that helps you decide what size art to purchase depending on the length of the space and the height of the furniture that it is hanging over.
  3. The Coat Hanger - Next, I chose this art deco inspired metal coat hanger. It's right angles really compliment the it's just got a lot of style even on it's own.
  4. The Organic Sculpture - To balance the straight lines of the table and coat hanger I chose two pieces of organic-inspired artwork. The first is a tall white vase with lines running along its irregular shape and the next is one of my favorite pieces from my own collection. It too is super organic with white glaze on the back and gold glaze on the inside. I recommend placing it on a stand so you can see its inside when walking past. It can also be placed on its bottom for a different look.
  5. The Key Bowl - The last piece I chose for the top of the entryway table was a small gold bowl ...great for putting your keys or change.
  6. The Bookends - Next, I wanted to make sure that the bottom shelf of the table got some attention. If you like books I recommend placing a few along the bottom and keeping them upright with these bright blue mineral bookends.
  7. The Rug - Lastly, I picked out a soft knotted rug runner for this inviting modern organic entryway not only to bring in a soft feeling but for people like me who take their shoes off as soon as they come home. Stepping onto a soft rug after taking off your shoes is such a lovely welcoming way to come home.
  8. The Basket - Then to tie things together I picked out this high quality basket for whatever it is that you need handy by the door. Depending on your lifestyle this could be kids' toys, umbrellas, dog's toys or if you're like me shoes! If you have a lifestyle with all of the above buying several might be a good idea:)

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