How to Create an Elegant Eclectic Living Room

If I had to describe my style in one would definitely be eclectic. I love a lot of different things so putting them all together in one room makes perfect sense to me. What I've learned over time is that if I curate or more accurately if I select only what I need for function and simple aesthetics then what I get is elegant eclectic.

So with this room design I brought my elegant eclectic style to a bold living room that would be a delight to come home to. I used blue, gold and turquoise shades to design a room that can feel calm but also lively. 

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Design and Artwork Ideas for an Elegant Eclectic Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Elegant Eclectic Living Room

  1. The Wall Art - I started the design of this elegant eclectic living room with one of the blue and white prints from my 2017 collection. I love this print. It's super organic, but it kind of has this other worldly quality to it that makes it really unique. To find the print size that is right for your living rom download one of my free eguides.
  2. The Sofa - Because of this I knew that I had to pair it with a simple wide super light beige couch. What I found was a couch that looks incredibly comfortable with a super interesting textured fabric called nobletex is a weave with white and beige elements. If your living room layout allows I would recommend hanging it above your sofa. However, if your living room has a large blank wall that would be more suitable and would allow you to enjoy it better while sitting on your sofa than that would be a great place for it! To figure out what size would look best in your space download my eguide - How to Choose the Best Art Size for your Space below.
  3. The Side Tables - I then knew that I had to find a super organic side table to match the artwork so when I came across this round driftwood side table I knew it was the one.
  4. The Floor Lamp - I didn't want to put anything like a lamp on it to take away from it so I found a contemporary gold floor lamp that can be placed either behind or to the side of the sofa for reading light.
  5. The Accent Chairs - Next, I wanted to bring out the white and dark blue in the artwork so I found a simple white fabric accent chair and an elegant navy blue accent chair with arms to place at either end of the sofa for affect...but more importantly so that the living room could serve as a fabulously functional place to have guests and family sit and visit.
  6. The Wall Sculptures - I then chose a set of 5 speckled gold wall sculptures form my collection to hang over one or both of the accent chairs. I recommend hanging them in a somewhat random compliment their organic edges.
  7. The Ottoman - To tie together the chairs and the artwork I found this awesomely comfortable light blue ottoman. The fabric is called nobletex rain. I think it gives the room an elegant softness...
  8. The Tray - I then found this organic gold serving tray that can sit on the ottoman and hold drinks and snacks.
  9. The Rug - Finally, in the the eclectic style of the room I found this beige and white rug to not only bring out the subtle beige tones in the artwork but to bring a little needed pattern to the room.
  10. The Curtains - To compliment the white in the rug and the artwork I found these simple white curtains and a gold rod set to allow for privacy.

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