How to Create an Elegant Industrial Loft Entryway

It's no secret that I love industrial loft spaces. After all I'm a huge fan of architecture and old buildings and loft spaces in my opinion celebrate both in such a unique way. They repurpose old buildings and turn them into places where people can live, work, and be inspired by the past all at once. I mean, how fabulous is that!

One thing that I've noticed though about industrial loft spaces is that they don't always do a good job of defining spaces....and this is really needed at least in a symbolic way in order to feel like these large spaces are a home. 

That's why for this post I designed an elegant entryway fit for an industrial loft. I chose bright artwork that will make your entryway pop and let you know without a doubt that you're home and it's time to celebrate. I've said this before and I'll say it again...because it's so important. What we see when we walk in the door is very important. It sends our subconscious mind a negative or positive message. If our entryway is a positive place filled with things that inspire us, make us go wow, and also serve the functions of our life then we feel good when we walk in the door. This positive feeling then stays with us as we move into the rest of the house. 

If you need inspiration or you need to set up your entryway for positivity in your own industrial loft or large space then keep scrolling. Everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images. Your future self will thank you.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Grey and Red Elegant Industrial Entryway


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Thoughts behind this Grey and Red Elegant Industrial Entryway

  1. The Wall Art - Industrial spaces celebrate architectural elements so they tend to be decorated in neutral colors. So I knew when I started this project that the artwork would be especially important. It needed to really pack a stand out and to give the space life. So I chose one of my brightest and most lively red and pink canvas prints. If possible I recommend hanging it so that it is the first thing that you see when you walk in the door...or at least it should be in your line of vision. To get the full affect and to make sure that it balances with the large scale of your industrial loft or large space make sure to order a large...even oversized print. I know it may seem big but it's better to have a print that's a little large than one that is too small. For guidance on what size to order for your space download my eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces from my freebies page.
  2. The Table - Next, I chose a long sleek wooden entryway table. Ideally, you could hang the red and pink canvas print over it, but it could also go under a window. I wanted it to be somewhat plain so that it balanced with the artwork but industrial enough that it fit into the space nicely. Notice on either side that the large bolts that hold it together are exposed.
  3. The Sculpture Accent Piece - I then realized that the space needed a bit of an organic touch...something soft, inviting and a little I chose a set of two gold bowl sculptures form my collection. They do a great job of softening the space and add a bit of a glam touch at the same time!
  4. The Table Lamp - When I found this fabulous glass table lamp I knew it was the one for this entryway....and believe me I looked for a long time. I was actually at the point of thinking that I wouldn't find a single lamp that fit the feeling of this entryway and then bam there it was. Elegant, geometric and soft all in one lamp.
  5. The Rug - To bring in a bit more of an organic feel to the entryway I found this grey and white runner rug with these great white burst patterns on them. The rug is neutral enough that it doesn't fight with the artwork for your attention but lively enough that it adds its own statement.
  6. The Accent Chair - If the size of your entryway allows I would definitely recommend adding this white contemporary accent chair to the set-up or maybe even a set if you have a nook nearby. They have a wonderful sleek softness with them that fits so well with the industrial look but at the same time feels inviting. I also personally find chairs near entryways to be homey....but that could just be me!
  7. The Coat Rack - For practical purposes I knew that I needed to find a coat hanger but I didn't want to choose a stand-alone when I found this super industrial one that you hang on the wall and pull out the hooks as you need them I knew that I'd found the perfect one.
  8. The Organizational Baskets - Because we all have pets, kids, and hobbies that like to leave things by the door, I chose this great wire basket to hold all of those random things that are 100% unique to you. I recommend storing them under the table...but however many you need depending on the needs of your life. 
  9. The Mail and Key Baskets - None of us goes through our mail right away....I know I don' I chose these great flattish wire baskets to lay on the table. One for mail and the other for keys. I don't know about you but I love having 'a place' for my keys by the door. That way I always know where to find them.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this elegant entryway to your industrial loft or spacious home.

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