How to Create a Colorful & Stylish Studio Apartment

With my move to San Francisco only two weeks away I'm thinking more and more about studio apartments. I've forgotten how exciting it can be to live in a big city...the bustle..the food!...all of the things to do and see. But they do offer less space. But that does not mean that that space can't be absolutely fabulous and inspiring. 

So to get my juices flowing about my new smaller space I'm putting together a series of colorful and stylish studio apartment designs. These designs and in this one particular will show how you can make distinct spaces even in a small space but at the same time make them look spacious by including furniture and artwork that ties the room together.

If you're in a studio apartment yourself or simply looking for some room inspiration for a small space this may just be the post for you. As always everything is in the post is available for purchase. Simply click the images.


Design and Artwork Ideas for a Colorful & Stylish Studio Apartment


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Thoughts behind this Colorful & Stylish Studio Apartment

The Artwork For this colorful and stylish studio apartment I really wanted to make sure that it had fabulous colorful artwork...and even more importantly I wanted to make sure that you had the option to hang artwork throughout the space and for the space to still feel cohesive. Also, hanging artwork from the same set in a studio apartment makes the space look larger. So I chose this blue, green, turquoise, and brown set of abstract canvas prints. I pick out to of my favorite square versions above. However, if you like square sets check out the set of six canvas prints. If you like rectangles there is a also the set of three canvas prints. To figure out what sizes would go best in your space I recommend downloading my eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space. However, if you're really lucky and you have a lot of windows in your studio apartment or you simply don't have a lot of wall space I recommend downloading my free eguide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Small Space.

The Headboard - To balance out the colorfulness of the artwork I first chose a lovely bed with a white fabric headboard to bring a calm feeling to the sleeping area. The headboard is low so if you can easily hang a print over the bed for some dazzle.

The Side Tables - For the bedside / end tables I went with a glamorous theme picking out these goldish metal and glass tables. You can use them by the sofa or by the bed depending on the layout of your space.

The Coffee Table - I then found the matching coffee table for the living space to tie the room together.

The Table Lamp - To bring out the blue and turquoise tones of the artwork I chose a simple sleek turquoise table lamp which can be placed on either side of the bed.

The Floor Lamp - To bring a little style to the room I then chose the above floor lamp with six movable 'stars' of light. I recommend placing this near your sofa or accent chair. 

The Loveseat and Accent Chair - Next to continue the colorful theme I chose a simple turquoise loveseat and a green accent chair with an ottoman. I wanted to ensure that the living area made it's own statement and that it really felt alive. Just because you're in small space doesn't mean that it can't make you smile! 

The Dresser and Duvet Cover - Next I chose a simple contemporary dresser and a sleek white duvet and pillow coverlet. Both have simple designs which provide balance to the other colorful components of the room.

The Rug - Lastly, I added a large beige jute rug to add a grounding feeling and neutral base to the room.

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this studio apartment design to your home.

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