How to Create a Stylish Blue & Grey Studio Apartment

I'm getting ready to move to San Francisco and for my first year I'll most likely have a studio apartment. It's gotten me thinking. After all not every studio apartment is like Supergirl's! That space is insane! My future space and your space if you have a studio apartment is more likely a bit smaller.

When I lived New York City I had a couple of friends with studio apartments and for them the challenge was always how can I make my living space and my sleep space feel more separate and yet cohesive at the same time. 

As I started brainstorming about my own future living situation I just knew I was going to have to design some rooms around this concept. Because I know that there's a lot of you out there with studio apartments that need some inspiration. I hope this post and future posts help you. As always everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images.


Designs and Artwork Ideas for a Stylish Blue & Grey Studio Apartment


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Thoughts behind this Modern Stylish Blue & Grey Studio Apartment

The Wall Art - I started with a bit of a treat for this studio apartment design. I'm unveiling one of my 2017 collection prints...and it's actually one of my favorites. This one is a photo of a modern wall sculpture that I sold earlier this year. It's got a ton of blue and white shades and a background with brown and gold tones. Depending on the size of your stylish studio apartment you may only have room to hang one large print. For example if your space has a lot of windows (lucky you!). I recommend making a statement with that one wall and order a large print. However, if you're like my friends in New York and you only have one window and three large walls to play with you may want to make your sofa the centerpiece and hang a large print over the back. To figure out what size would work best in your space download my free eguide - How to Choose the Best Sized Artwork for your Space. If you you also consider getting the same print in a set of two squares - version 1 and version 2.

The Couch and Table Lamps - I chose a cushy yet stylish grey couch to go with its tones and along with it a tall super sleek silver floor lamp to go next to one side.

The Ottoman and Pillows - To bring out the whites of the print I chose a super fun textured white pillow for the sofa and a little square white ottoman that is great for putting your feet up or for a place for an extra guest to sit. If you have the room you can order two ottomans, put them together, and use the brown serving tray as a place for food and drink when you're not putting your feet up.

The Dresser / TV Stand - To bring out the browns in the print and to bring some grounded neutrality to this stylish studio apartment I found this cute three drawer dresser. I really like it because it's super versatile so depending on the size of your space you can order several of them and use them to store your clothes but also use it as a TV stand or buffet or dressing area....depending on your needs.

The Nightstand - I then found the matching two drawer nightstand and a sleek greyish blue table lamp to use as a night stand lamp. To bring cohesion to the room you could use one set as a nightstand and another set as an end table next to the sofa.

The Rug - Next, I found this great white shag rug to bring texture to this stylish blue and grey studio apartment and lighten up the room a bit.

The Headboard - But I knew that I needed to bring in a bit more blue so I found this stylish blue upholstered headboard.

The Duvet - I then chose a white duvet and pillow cover set and a blue bedskirt for another blue accent.

Whimsical Lighting - If you have the space I also found these super whimsical lighting cylinders. I recommend either putting them on top of the dresser or maybe on a shelf.

The Accent Chair - If you have a larger studio apartment you may also consider buying a white accent chair for extra seating. I picked out one only gold and blue large modern wall sculptures to hang on the wall behind it.

The Curtains - Lastly, I chose my go-to thermal-lined white curtains and an oiled bronze curtain rod that will tie in nicely with the tables and print.


Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this studio apartment design to your space.

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