How to Create a Funky Modern Rustic Living Room

How to Create a Funky Modern Rustic Living Room

Generally I've got modern decor tastes...but at the same time I like rooms that feel earthy, like they're connected to the natural world. I love this look particularly in cabins and old lodge-like hotels. There's something really special about being in the middle of nowhere with a fire roaring in the fireplace, your lover, and a feast of decor that makes you feel grounded yet luxurious. 

It's with this picture in my mind that I designed this room. I don't think there's any reason that rustic can't also be modern and luxurious all at the same time. This funky rustic living room would go well in a loft apartment, cabin, a home in the mountains or simply in the home of someone who loves the aesthetic....hey go with what you love...really its the only way to go.

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Modern Rustic Living Room


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Thoughts behind this Modern Living Room

The Artwork - I started the design of this room with this super abstract rustic canvas print. It's great because it can be ordered in sizes up to 45'' x 60 and as small as 12'' x 12'' so its super versatile. I personally like big artwork so for those cabins or apartments with high ceilings I would go big because large artwork for me inspires me to think big! To figure out what size works best for your space download on of my free eguides.

The Casual Accent Chair - I absolutely love this funky white leather accent chair so when I saw it I knew that I needed to include it. It's a great stylish overflow chair when you have extra guests. It's also a great chair because its portable and if you had a pair you could move it from the living room to the front porch at a moment's notice and enjoy a sip of wine and a sunset.

The Sofa - You can't have a great living room without a comfy sofa so when I found this sofa I had to add it to the mix. I love it because not only is it stylish and comfy but its just the right shade of beige and I think it will look great with the canvas print.

The Side Tables and Coffee Table - Next, I knew that I had to find some stylish distressed side tables and coffee tables for the room. I like these because they are simple but the wood is just distressed enough to add character without being too much.

The Red Accent Chair - I love a good colorful accent chair and this one is no exception. I chose this red because it brings out the rust tones in the canvas print and adds depth to the living room ensemble. It's also a cozy place to curl up and read a book or to lounge in as you talk to friends and loved ones.

The Sculpture - I think all rooms need great art and its not just things to hang on the wall. Sculpture adds a depth to a room that I can't even put into i knew I had to include some. I chose this small yellow modern organic sculpture and I recommend placing it on the coffee table or on the TV stand so its within your line of vision when you're sitting....that way you'll have a little extra inspiration added to your subconscious every day!

The Textured Table Lamp - To add a little more texture to the room without competing with the rustic abstract canvas print. 

The TV Stand - I wanted to find something that matched the side tables and coffee table but made a bit more of a modern rustic statement so this table worked out perfectly. I love its metal drawers and distressed wood. Its edges are also sleek enough that it adds a super modern edge to the room.

The Rug - Lastly I added this textured beige rug with two contrasting shades of brown. Its natural fibers ground the room while its pattern adds style to the room.

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How to Create a Funky Modern Rustic Living Room
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