How the Right Office Decor can Focus your Mindset

I hear it all the time. Entrepreneurs or telecommuters who set up a home office and then tell me that something just feels off. I always smile because I understand completely. 

When I decided to leave Washington, DC, I negotiated a telecommuting position with my boss. I remember those first few days of working from my new home office in North Carolina. It felt so free! Then after a few weeks I started to feel a bit lonely and unfocused. Although I didn't miss the stress of working in a fast-paced office, I missed the structure and my shiny desk.

What I didn't realize at the time was that I missed having an environment that was energetically work focused

......or rather a workspace that was aligned with what I wanted to accomplish.

Here are the mistakes that I made....

I set up a desk with a brand new black leather swivel chair with a separate station for my printer and scanner. But the room also doubled as a guest room and I had jammed my spare sofa into the room...making the room feel cramped and unfocused. 

After only a few days I realized that I hated the swivel chair. It felt forced for me to sit at it and my desk just didn't feel real. I took to sitting on the sofa which felt much more comfortable but it took me some time to get used to doing serious work on a sofa (it doesn't bother me at all now! In fact I love it!).

Once I rented my own studios for the newly formed Maggie Minor Designs and started playing around with the set-up I realized that how you set up for space REALLY matters. I quit working in my guest room and instead set up a dedicated space within my studio for computer and consulting work. I set it up so that the sofa was my dedicated working space, made sure it was facing the window (a personal preference of mine) and moved my vision board within my line of vision. Having this dedicated space made me feel much more focused.

However, once I really started delving into my space set-up I figure out some key things and some key questions to ask myself.

I invited you to go into your own home office and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does everything I see when I walk into, walk out of, and move about my office make me feel positive? Everything in your line of vision matters. If you look up from your computer and see anything that reminds you of something outside my business you get distracted.

  • The colors and look of the furniture in the room should match what you want your business feel like at least a year out. It doesn't have to be perfect but it should be headed in the right direction. Does your chair make you feel like a successful business woman or does it make you feel like you're struggling? Does the desk or table that you're working on or setting your computer on feel steady, reliable, and polished?

  • The art on your walls matters. What you look up at every time you take a break from your computer is imprinting on your subconscious. That means that the artwork in your office gets imprinted in my brain at least 100 times per day! That's a lot! So the artwork that you choose needs to make you feel like I want you want your business to feel. What style of artwork makes you feel aligned with your business?

  • Does all of the equipment in your home office work properly? Is it supporting you in doing your job?

  • Do you have enough chairs in your home office for guests? Or so you feel comfortable having guests in the future?

  • Does your home office feel abundant?

  • Does your home office have enough physical space that you feel like you can move around? 

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