How to Design your Workspace for Focus - Support is Sexy Podcast

How to Design your Workspace - Support is Sexy Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Elayne Fluker's podcast Support is Sexy. It's a fabulously informative podcast that interviews women entrepreneurs. Some of her other guest have included Laura Roeder, Founder of the kiss-ass software MeetEdgar and New York Times Bestseller, Luvvie Ajayi. 

It was a great conversation. I felt so in-flow talking to Elayne that I really felt like I was serving my highest is always so magical when this I am honored that I get to share this recording with you.

In the podcast we talk about my journey to where I am now and some of my foundational beliefs. We also cover in-depth how to think of your workspace so that you can feel aligned with your business and as a result be able to fully focus on your work during the day.I've combined my knowledge of personal development, spacial design, my own gut reactions and knowledge of feng shui into this fascinating conversation. Click below to listen!

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