How to Create a Peaceful Brown & Turquoise Bedroom

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Since moving to San Francisco I've really been thinking about what I want. What I want in life and what I want my surroundings to look like. And most importantly how I want to feel...because after all how we feel is the most important thing of all. 

So for this post I'm going to share with you the room design vision that I have for my own bedroom at the moment. Since most of my stuff is in storage back in North Carolina I'm kind of starting from least until I buy a house.

This post is full of things I love...the kind of general room accents and functional objects that make me smile. They are based on five primary feelings ....inspiration ....peacefulness  ......and luxuriousness.

So with this in mind I designed this bedroom. I used soothing blues, turquoise and whites but brought in some prominent chocolate brown accents to ground the room. If what you see speaks to you...everything is available for purchase. Just click the images.

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Peaceful & Inspiring Bedroom

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Thoughts behind this Turquoise and Brown Bedroom

The Artwork - If you've read any of my other blog posts you'll know that I think artwork is one of the THE most important aspects of a room. It bothers me immensely that it gets the brush off so often in our culture. I chose this blue, turquoise and brown canvas print because it reminds me of one of my most inspirational art moments - I was taking a picture of the glaze painting and looking at the still when I realized truly how dazzling pictures of glazes can be - ever since then this print has had  special place in my heart. It was in my bedroom in my townhouse in Asheville. It reminds me to always stay inspired. Plus it is a beautiful print whose complexities make it look different every time I look at it.

To figure out which size print to hang in your bedroom download my free eguide - How to Choose the Best Art Size for your Space.

The Headboard - I absolutely love upholstered headboard especially ones with soothing colors like this blue one. This one in particular has a soft luxurious feel to it that just makes me want to run my fingers all over it. In general I love headboards like this one because they are sturdy and they make you feel supported and secure. Why you ask? Well, its actually a feng shui form school principle...having a solid headboard provides a physical barrier that protects you while you sleep ...and thus soothes a very primal part of your brain.

The Wooden Side Table - I choose this beautiful sleek brown wooden side table to compliment the other brown accent pieces in the room (including the artwork). It has two drawers perfect for stowing unmentionables and books.

How to Create a Brown & Turquoise Peaceful Bedroom Pinterest.jpg

The Echo - I chose the echo for its sound effect capabilities ability. You can simply say to it "Alexa, play ocean sounds" and it does it! Sometimes when you're winding down for the night peaceful sounds are just what you need.

The Table Lamp - I chose this white table lamp for its texture. Its nice neutral feeling goes well with the bold statement that the mirrored side tables make and the colorfulness of the canvas print.

The Accent Chair - I wanted to bring a grounded feeling to the bedroom and to bring out the brown accents in the canvas print. For super practical reasons I also wanted to pick a color for the accent chair that was close to the color of my see, he loves to rub up against upholstered furniture...and he's brown. 

The Accent Pillow - I absolutely love this turquoise accent pillow. It's shade is a perfect compliment to the dark blue of the headboard and the turquoise of the artwork.

The Rug - I chose this super knotty brown and beige jute rug not only because it is made of a sustainable material but also because it feels amazing on my bare feet. I love the texture. Rugs like this also ground a room even if its a carpeted room.

Duvet Cover and Sheets - I chose high quality white cotton duvet cover and sheets for this bedroom because I love the feeling of high count cotton feels very luxurious ....and brings me a feeling of peace (maybe because I slept on cotton sheets as a kid). 

The Curtains - Curtains, especially blackout curtains are a must for a peaceful bedroom...after all studies show that we sleep better with less light. These beautiful billowy linen curtains also add a softness to the room.

The Gratitude Journal - Getting into a mindset of gratitude is one of THE best ways to get into a peaceful mindset. I chose Tiny Budha's gratitude journal because of my respect for this collaborative website and the good-heart of its leader.

The Closet Organizer - The apartments that I've been looking at in San Francisco all seem to have smallish bedrooms but big I've decided that I'm going to take advantage of this and buy a 'clothes organizer' for my closet. What I like about this one in particular is the two bottom drawers that I could use for unmentionables and the shelves that I could fold my sweater on and have easy access to. 


Love this Room but you also Want it to Reflect your Personal Energy?

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