Tiny Buddha Feature - How I turned Fear & Anxiety into Joy & Fulfillment

Several months ago I was sitting on my couch and I had this intense need to write about my life. At the time, I was seriously contemplating leaving Asheville, North Carolina (where I had been living for the past 5 years) and I was feeling a need to bring it to a close in some way. What came out onto the screen of my computer took me aback. It became a raw account of my recovery after burnout as a humanitarian worker...and a deeply personal recounting of events that affected me deeply for years. 

This article gets personal...but if you're like me and you thrive on authentic interaction then this article is for you. If you've experienced trauma and you're looking for some guidance on finding the other side...then this article is for you. 

Click here to read my article How I turned Fear & Anxiety into Joy & Fulfillment in the highly popular personal development blog, Tiny Buddha.

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