How to Use Artwork to Make Eating Even More Enjoyable

I love to eat. I think it's one of the great joys in life. 

Whatever your preferences there's always that one meal that just makes you smile no matter how bad your day has been. It reminds you of a better time, maybe even a specific time and place....and because of this it has a special place in your heart. 

Eating these meals is what inspires me to create amazing colorful dining rooms. You may be thinking why? Well, let me tell you.

What we look at and what we surround ourselves with matters. It seeps into our subconscious and can make being in a room a negative experience or a super positive one...and I believe that anywhere that we go in our homes should be a positive experience. After all our homes are our sanctuaries. 

And because I believe that eating is one of the best things in life I think that we should look at beautiful inspiring art while eating.

In fact, I think that the entire dining room should be a celebration of color, of texture, and of the experience of eating. It should be a positive anchor in your house that draws you in and makes you want to invite your closest friends over for a dinner party......But not because you want to show off your beautiful dining room that you think they'll like.....but because you want to celebrate the dining room that you LOVE. That inspires you. That makes you feel at home. 

Here's a couple of questions to ask yourself when thinking about your future dining room....

  • How do you want to feel while you're eating?

  • What do you want to use your dining room for? Mostly intimate meals or for big honest...say what you really think.

Write down your answers and keep them handy as you scroll down.....

And keep in mind particularly your impression of the artwork...does the artwork that you make you feel like you want to feel when you're eating?

Picture yourself sitting at each table. Does sitting in the dining room chair you see make you feel like what you want to feel while you're eating?

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