How Waking up to Colorful Artwork can Improve your Day

For most of my life I never really thought about what I saw when I first woke up. I thought about how my sheets felt. I thought about what the window in my bedroom looked onto...and I thought about whether or not I liked the duvet cover that I was sleeping under. 

But about a year ago that all changed. I was living in a rented townhouse and I wasn't allowed to paint the walls. So I had decided to spruce up my bedroom by hanging some of the interesting things that I'd collected during my travels as a humanitarian worker. One of them was this rustic instrument that you play with one finger while the other was a wooden rattle decorated with shells. Though interesting conversational pieces they were brown and a bit dull to look at. I also realized after a few months that they put me back in the super stressed out mindset that I had had when I bought them. 

So I took them down and left my walls blank. A few months later I was in the midst of closing my Gallery in Asheville and I had samples of a few of my canvas prints. I decided to hang one to the side of my under my towel rack. I didn't think about it much at the time, but after a few days I realized that I felt lighter and more hopeful in the mornings yet not much had changed in my life. Then it dawned on me....this colorful abstract print was directly in my line of vision when I woke up. It also happened to be in my line of vision from my I was looking at it during my entire morning ritual. 

I then decided to build on this idea and exchanged the rustic gold lamp sitting on my dresser with a modern fresh green one. I then decluttered my dresser so it felt fresh and left only my light blue jewelry box and a funky Indonesian upright mask that I had bought on an adventure with a light-hearted colleague. 

Once I did this my entire line of vision from my side of the bed was filled with colorful things that I loved! And the affect was amazing! I felt even more hopeful and inspired in the morning. I found it easier to think positive thoughts during my morning meditation and I had more ah-ha moments. 

Though my daily routine didn't change I felt like more things were possible...and it showed up in my day. Only a few months later I made the gut decision to move to San Francisco. And I can tell you as I sit here on a patio with the sun shinning in a house by the Bay I made the right decision. 

The ah-ha that I've taken away from this experience is that inspiration doesn't have to be something literal. It can simply be a lighter feeling in your soul or a color that makes you smile.

Above all it's affirmed that what we surround ourselves with matters. Art and accent pieces in our home matter. If we choose them based on the positive feelings that they bring and make sure to place them where we'll see them the most, then they can be life changing.....

Maggie MinorComment