How to Let Go of Decorating to Please Others...with Gwen Hefner

I recently asked Gwen Hefner of widely recognized home decor blog, The Makerista about what it's like to work with her clients.

What she said really got me thinking...

She touched on one of the biggest hurdles to people feeling comfortables or as I like to say 'aligned' with their homes. She said "people struggle to ....let.. go of the idea that they have to like what everyone else likes."

Given the massive campaigns by major furniture and home decor retailers it's not surprising that sometimes we feel like we have no choice but to buy what everyone else has....after all it's what we see over and over again in commercials and even blogs who are affiliated with these retailers. It makes us feel weird when we like something completely different or we simply want a colorful alternative.

It doesn't help that home and lifestyle bloggers are always blogging about the latest trends. They make you feel like you should be following them, right? And then you feel bad because you don't like the 'trend' or sometimes even what the bloggers are raving about. 

Then of course there's in-person peer pressure. I mean I totally get it. It feels wonderful when your friends and family walk into your home and gush. Having this in the back of your mind really puts on the pressure to 'please.' 

But what Gwen is getting at below and on this I totally agree, YOU are the one who walks in your door after work. It's YOU who hangs out in your living room...And it's YOU who winds down in your bedroom. 

Your home is about YOU....

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What is the biggest hesitation that your clients have to finding their own personal style?

I think people struggle to feel ok letting go of the idea that they have to like what everyone else likes.  But there is also an element of simplicity in going to the closest store and just buying what everyone else is buying. 

If interior design scares you, just getting it done and doing it the easiest way possible is what people will fall for.  If people are willing to work with someone else, it's often hesitation caused by their inability to visualize the idea before they see it come to fruition.  

Can you give an example of how a home décor makeover or a simple adjustment has helped transform yours or a clients’ life?

Living in a space that reflects who you are and being surrounded by the things that bring you joy is a wonderful way to live.  There is a peace in it, a comfort, and sometimes seeing who you are through your space helps you really identify with who you are as a person.  I've definitely had clients walk a space for the first time after it's finished and you can see the lightbulbs going off.  It's pretty awesome.  

Are you Ready to Decorate your Home to Please Yourself?

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