How to Create an Inviting Earth-toned Living Room

When I ask people what they want most out of a living room the top two things they say are inviting and cozy. Those words have slightly different meaning for each person... but a few things are common to  almost everyone.

The first is that people associate being cozy with fireplaces and big comfy for this living room I've selected fireplace accessories with a natural feminine twist and a sofa and accent chair that all were designed with comfort in mind. 

The color scheme is earth toned with turquoise accents throughout giving it a warm yet cheerful tone. 

If you like what you see click on the images. Everything is available for purchase. 

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Design and Artwork Ideas for Earth-toned Cozy Living Room


Thoughts Behind this Inviting Beige and Turquoise Living Room

Artwork - First I started with the artwork because nothing brings more character and texture to a room than what is on the walls. I chose this brown, gold and beige canvas print because of its super earthy quality. I recommend ordering it in as large a size as your living room will accommodate so that you can really feel the power of the art. To figure out what size is right for you download my free guide - How to Choose Art Sizes for Large Spaces

Secondly, I chose this beautiful beige, gold and blue-green wall sculpture to give the room an organic feel. I recommend hanging it above one of the accent chairs.

The Sofa and Accent Chairs - I chose a super comfortable beige sofa that makes you feel like you can really lay your head back. At the same time though its stylish and simple with an elegant touch. I used this same selection criteria for the accent chairs choose a comfy turquoise chair and a more straight-backed beige chair that I could totally picture myself sitting in and having a 5pm cocktail. 

The Fireplace Accessories - I chose a super stylish feminine fireplace screen and tools to give the room a very approachable and inviting feeling.

The Upholstered Puff & Throws - To soften the room and to give the people in it something to snuggle up to I chose this soft dark turquoise upholstered puff. I recommend buying a couple and placing them at the foot of an accent chair and your sofa. They can be used to prop up your feet up on or for extra guest seating. I also found super soft faux fur to wrap around yourself on col nights in front of the fire.

The Coffee and Side Tables - to tie together the beige and the turquoise in the room I found these rustic tables with a weathered quality and specs of turquoise throughout. 

The Rug - Lastly, I chose this dark textured jute rug to ground the room and give it a nice warm inviting feeling.

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