How to Sleep Better with a Calming Nightstand

Good sleep isn't just about closing your eyes and drifting off to's also about the way that you feel when you're asleep, what you dream about, and how you feel when you wake up. 

That's why your mindset before you go to bed is so important. What we see, hear, an smell all inform our senses and as a result our mindset ....what we surround ourselves with as we settle down for the night has a strong impact on our subconscious...and what we dream about.

So in order to transform your sleep into a peaceful, wonderful experience I designed the 5 ways in 5 days to a Calming Nightstand Challenge. In it I discuss one  item from your nightstand each day and really dive into how it affects your mindset before you go to sleep...this free challenge also give you access to my facebook group where you can post pictures, ask for advice, and get feedback from other members.

Join this free challenge and change your life for the better!

Maggie MinorComment