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I'm here today in my new apartment in Atlanta..yeah!..., and this is the beginning of a series that I’ve talked about before. Since I gave away all my stuff almost a year ago, I am redecorating my apartment using some of my old stuff but mostly new stuff and I'm going to go through my thought process for buying each thing because I think it will be helpful because I have realized from interacting with other people that I really think about homes in a different way [than other people] . I think about homes in terms of how they psychologically impact me [and you], how I flow through them, and how that affects your psychology. For me, it's all about psychology. It's about nothing else, like I don't care what people think, I don't care if my clients stuff matches [exactly], like I don't care. It's just all about whether it makes that person happy and go to a higher vibration when they walk into their house, so that's what I'm trying to do for myself.

So the first thing that I did when I got to this apartment is I bought a couch because it didn't have a couch,.... because I gave the couch or away. I had all these grand plans for buying this couch and I ended up just needing to buy the couch because I have zero furniture what I moved in and I needed somewhere to sleep and somewhere to sit, so I ended up going to Ikea probably because - that's my dog knocking the video because he wants to be in the video - I ended up buying a couch there as I'm going to Ikea because it was convenient and also, when I went there, I was pleasantly surprised because I had total backup plans, because I found this couch. It kind of fit everything I didn't even realize I wanted. Well, first of all, let me show it to you. So here it is. It's low lying and [2:28] for my doggie, it's comfortable, it's really comfortable to sit on, and it's also comfortable - well, comfortable-ish to sleep on and it because it's a really wide, it actually feels like a bed. If you weren't going to permanently use it as a bed, I would actually recommend buying a foam thing and putting a pillow in between the two separate pillows but that's a whole other conversation but yes, so I bought it for that but also, what I realized really appealed to me was the fact that it just seems so urban and modern, and chic. I like that it's low. It means that it really reflects the high ceilings in here but more, I just like the urban feeling of it because I've been living in a country - before I was in San Francisco, I have been living in a country for five years and I moved to Atlanta because I realized I'm a city person.  [3:37]. So I really wanted it to compliment - I didn't know this was verbalized at the time - I wanted to complement the tall windows and the other super moderny things that are in this apartment. It's kind of lofty-ish which I really like. So I got it to fit my lifestyle because the style to me, my lifestyle, I didn't want a couch that looked like I would be sitting watching television all the time in my urban apartment. I wanted a couch that looked like - it looks sophisticated and it looked like people are going to be coming over and people are going to be like, holding drinks and [4:22] a story, I wanted a couch that [4:26] more and more intelligent about it was weaving a story of like, this urban life I would be living. So when you buy your next couch, really think about that, like don't just buy a functional couch. Think about how you want it to fit your lifestyle, like the style of the couch. When you look at it, what does it make you think about?

The other thing is I would recommend is if you're sitting on it, make sure it's really comfortable, make sure that you don't completely just sink into it unless that's what you want because I bought my last couch because I really sink into it and you know what happened? It was so comfortable, I sat in my couch like five years straight and watched television, and that's great. I mean, I was in that phase in my life, like I just wanted to tune the world out. So if you're in that phase, like do that but just be aware of that.

The other thing that I really paid attention to when I was buying this couch was the way that it felt. I really like the way the fabric feels and although I think that it is a polyblend which means plastic, I do think that there are some natural materials in here and I am a little embarrassed that I did not research this because of some other things but I like the way it feels. So I knew that when I was touching, when I was sitting on it and I was touching it that I would feel good. So when you buy a couch, always feel the fabric, like not just in your hands, think about it in your body, cheek, and see how it feels because these are all the areas that it's going to rub in.

The other thing I did was although I did pick out the size for the room, I also thought about how I was going to be using it, picturing when I'm working, having a good space for my dog to lie on, a good space for my significant other to be lying on, a good place for people who aren't necessarily really close to me to be but feel like they still have their personal space. I also picked out a [6:37] - it's a luxie - and I picked out the luxie because I didn't want a huge couch that would dominate the room. I want it to have space so that I could also pick out accent chairs so that I could have people looking at me when I'm talking to guests over because when you just have your guests lined up in a row, it's really awkward to talk to them unless you're really good friends with them. So just think about the way you interact with the way you want to interact with people when they're in your home, when you're by your couch and think of the scenarios of how would these people sit on this couch? How would this couch and my other furniture, like how would the people interact? Anyway, I’m just going to make another video on that so stay tuned.

And then, I also like the fact that it had lots of [7:45] cushions and pillows and things like that because that's a big thing for me and I didn't even have to think about it. They just came with the couch and at that period of time, I just wanted everything to be out of the box and sent to me.

Yeah, so a couch really is more than just some where you sit. It really sets the stage, especially because you sit on it so much, it really sets the stage for how your life - how you see yourself sitting in life, like literally and figuratively in speak. You sit on your couch probably more than you - [8:36] you're awake more than any other place in your home if you're anything like me. So think about what message your couch sending to you, ask me questions when you're shopping. I know it sounds ridiculous but like, what kind of life do you lend yourself to? What - you know, I don't know, it's very personal.

But I look forward to exploring this question and others with you in your future but I you have any comments on your own couch or you have any questions, please join my Facebook group Home Decor For a Positive Mindset and I would love answering your questions or have dialogue. So I look forward to seeing you on the next series or in the next video. Alright, bye.

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