How to Easily Make your Home Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Home Starter Kit.jpg

Have you thought about making your home more eco-friendly but are not sure where to start?

I was in the same boat. About two years ago I was reading books about healthier living and my jaw dropped open when they started talking about how the chemicals that are in most skin care items and that we absorb them directly into our system after application. I was absolutely horrified so I went out to Target and picked up soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that I recognized…..and about a month later I was amazed…because I felt so much better!

It then dawned on me…not only were these products people-friendly…eco-friendly…they were eco-friendly!

So why do we keep buying products that are toxic for us?

Well, partly its habit. Like many people I had been using the same soap I’d used since I was a kid…in fact, I think my mom used the same brand when she was young.

It’s also because we don’t know how bad they are making us feel because we’ve been living with it our entire lives.

But if you’re at a place where you’d like to do a little chemical detox then the Eco-friendly Home Starter Kit is for you! So download it below…and embrace those good feelings!

Maggie MinorComment