How to Buy Inspirational Art when you're Traveling

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The Second Video in my Series...


How to Make your Home Feel Awesome


Hi! This is Maggie of Maggie Modern Designs. I’m here with you for the second part of my series, which will be many, many parts, about decorating my apartment using methodologies that are designed to make you feel better when you come home. Not just to make it look good for other people or to scratch the surface, but to make you feel really good in your heart.

Why Having Inspiration Art is Important

One of the things I wanted to talk about today was art, one of my favorite things in the whole world. First of all, I think it’s really, really important to have art, even from the very beginning, even if it’s just something really small.

For example, I only have a sofa in my apartment right now [laughs] because I gave away all my stuff, as I told you in the previous video. So, I was sleeping on my couch, but at the same time, I feel that it’s really important to look at things that are beautiful and inspiring and not just blank walls, because that’s depressing. We don’t want to be depressed in our home, like that’s bad.

Why Buying Art when you're Traveling Brings Positivity into your Home

It’s a long story, but I bought this piece of art a long time ago and I’ve had it in my car with me as I’ve been traveling, probably because I knew that when I finally found my home, that I would want to have something that was beautiful and had a fond memory [attached to it] for me. It’s kind of weird looking, I know, but I bought this Indonesian mask, which isn’t everyone’s taste, but I love it because there’s a story behind it. Because not only is it kind of stylish and funky and modern, like I like, but it’s actually hand made. It’s an antique sculpture from Indonesia. I got it in Indonesia. I was there for work. I was working with a bunch of workaholics, they wouldn’t let us take a break, and I really bonded with this consultant we were working [with], who had lived in Indonesia for like eight years. She was an American.

She’s like, “Maggie, I know where you can go shopping. I told her I loved art.” She convinced everyone to get in the car and go and all we’d been finding were like these like silly chotchkies, things that were obviously mass-produced. She took us to this shop that had the most beautiful, like old pieces and like handmade batiks and I mean, it was just like the best place to go.

So, I bought this and another sculpture to remind me of her and this fun little adventure that we had to get away from the workaholics. I thought it really reflected who I am. Yeah, we had many more adventures to take little breaks on that trip. Every time I see this, I smile, and I think of that.

How to Go About Buying Inspiration Art while you're Traveling

Next time we’re on vacation or you’re somewhere exciting for work, I recommend putting aside like $200, which is what I do, and not going for the little chachki gifts and all that kind of stuff, unless you’ve got kids and you’re going to find little fun things. But put all the money towards one thing and ask locals, “Where should I go to buy something that’s really unique?” Eight times out of ten, you’re going to find something cool.

Then you can bring it home and you have it in your home and it does justice to the vibration of your home. It doesn’t seem cheesy, it seems like you and it’ll make you smile because it’ll make you remember how much you enjoyed your trip.

Even if it’s for work and you’re stressed out, it’s a break. Like going to look for this thing for your home, it’s a break, and you meet really nice people. Locals really, really love it when you ask them where you can buy art. They take it as a compliment to their culture.

That’s my recommendation for the day. When you go on those trips, get yourself some cool stuff.

If you want to share cool things you’ve gotten on your trips or you have any questions, join my Facebook group, Home Décor for a Positive Mindset, and we can have a little chat.

I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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