Best Blogs for People who Love Colorful Design

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If you're anything like me, you love color....and it can be hard to find interior design blogs that embrace this....the current trend seems to be all about neutrals and beiges...

But I am here to today to help! I've scoured the internet for the best interior design sites that celebrate painted walls, color-infused pillows, and brilliant paintings. Here are my favorites:

Best Blogs for People who Love Colorful Design

First up is Coastal Living.  This long-time print magazine hasn't quite caught up with the times in terms of making their website as sleek as their magazine, but it's definitely a great source for colorful decorating ideas. Articles and videos such as '8 Ocean-Happy Ways to Decorate with Blue' and 'Colorful Cape Code Makeover' demonstrate how a home can be made bright and cheerful through changing up the tile in a kitchen to simply adding colorful pillows or art to a room. I especially love the ocean theme of this magazine...probably because my favorite color is blue.

Continuing with the blue theme, House of Turquoise celebrates that off-shade of blue otherwise known as turquoise. This blog and online store features homes that have been decorated by interior designers using blue and turquoise accents. This is a really great site for people who love white rooms and white furniture but want their home to have a pop of color and cheerfulness.

Erin, the blog's author started this blog as a way to collect all of the 'pretty things' that she found on the internet and it has grown from there...and it is very obvious when you scroll through her posts that she loves what she does...and that she loves color.

The shop is a curated collection of turquoise objects from various online outlines from Nordstrom to Amazon. Each is a celebration of her favorite color, turquoise, in the form of an inspiring design whether it be a lamp or a simple table mat.

Bright Bazaar is a really fun blog written by Londoner Will Taylor. It is a mixture of posts about travel, style, interiors, and life, but each centers around good design using a colorful palette. 

Will's posts range from the practical such as 'How to Hang a Gallery Wall on Exposed Brick Walls' and 'How to Paint Patterns on Rugs' to tips on directly inspiring your interior design with posts such as 'Four Ways to a Colorful and Stylish Bathroom.'

I personally love how he's integrated travel into the decor-focused blog. His Travel section is lined with posts about the color inspiration that he gets while traveling and each post is filled with photographs of colorful homes and architecture. He even talks about the decor of airplanes!

Elle Decor is an old but goodie. It has been around for ages but its quality has never wavered. Elle Decor whether through its sleek online magazine or print magazine is elegant to the core. 

Elle has a bit more neutral-oriented posts than any of the other blogs listed, but somehow Elle featured interior never come off as dull. The featured interiors always include textured stone or large stained windows that bring a fantastic warmth to each room. 

But you can always count on Elle Decor to bring color to another level. In posts such as 'This Coffee Table Contains the Ocean' it showcases a coffee table made of layered glass and a wonder of design. In other posts such as 'Emmy Rossum's Renovated NYC Apartment is a Fresh Take on Antique European Style' Elle photographs a stylish apartment but manages to emphasis its subtle and not so subtle color accents. You can somehow tell that the photographer loved bringing out the little color accents that give the apartment life.

House Beautiful is a magazine that has also transitioned well to the online world. It's blog is packed with articles which are grouped for easy reference. For example one of my favorite recent groupings is entitled 'Design-Tested Color Schemes' and includes useful articles such as '20+ Dreamy Paint Colors for your Kitchen' with a subtitle 'You know it doesn't have to be white'...which made me laugh. 

Meanwhile articles such as '160+ Beautiful Designer Bedrooms to Inspire You' provide countless ways that lavenders, blues, and yellows can be used to make bedrooms cheerful and inviting. The article highlights a variety of design styles so there is something for everyone.

To add a little light-hearted fun House Beautiful also features the latest homes for sale by our favorite celebrities with spectacular photographs of the stylish dwellings... of course.

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And last but not least, check out my blog. It not only shows you beautiful pictures of colorful rooms, but I take you step by step through how to have beautiful colorful rooms for yourself!

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