Decorating with Modern Rustic Fine Art & Sculpture

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We all love rustic decor, even if you live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, in the coastal low country, or in sunny belt of Florida. Who doesn’t love plank floors pulled from an old barn roof, aged lighting fixtures, and old farmhouse sinks? They give your home that cozy feeling and bring back happy childhood memories. But in order for the house to give us that old world feel without feeling like it’s never seen the 2000s, it needs strategic touches of modern.

Warming up your Home with Modern Rustic Art

One of the best ways to bring modern to rustic decor is to add modern organic art as strategic accents throughout your home. Why you ask? Well…the great thing about organic ceramic sculpture is that it’s made from clay. Clay is a natural material that comes directly from the earth. At the same time, ceramics can be sculpted into modern yet organic shapes that bring a sleek feeling sculpted into organic art reminicent of nature. Organic art makes your home feel clean and like nature all at the same time.

Ceramic organic art has a magical quality. Its winding shapes and sometimes vibrant colors warms up a room making you recall sunny hikes through your favorite trail while in the comfort of your home. Organic art uses textures reminiscent of the bark on your favorite tree, uses rippling shapes like waves or vines to border its edges, and draws from colors such as gold, red, and orange inspired by the autumn leaves.

But you might be asking…how can I incorporate organic art into my modern rustic home? Well…here’s how!

Add flare with Modern Rustic Fine Art & Sculpture

Bringing ceramic sculpture into your home can really make a home feel cozy and warm. Some of the best ways to warm up your home with ceramic sculpture include:

  • Placing organic sculpture on the entrance way table and couple it with a flowering plant;
  • Placing a round piece or organic sculpture in the middle of dining room table as a centerpiece;
  • Placing a pedestal with organic sculpture on it behind a chair next to a wall;
  • Placing different sized ceramic sculptures on your fireplace mantel as modern rustic decoration; and
  • Strategically placing accent pieces on bookshelves next to your favorite old books and pictures of your loved ones.

For visual inspiration see Maggie Minor Designs’ Displaying Modern Sculpture Pinterest board. It includes such ideas as painting the space behind your bookshelves a warm shade of blue to accent white ceramic sculpture or placing different sized modern sculpture of the same color on your mantel for a unique effect.

Bringing variety to your walls with Organic Wall Sculptures

Placing organic wall art strategically on your walls can add bring up the cozy factor in your home. Paintings are wonderful and the good ones evoke powerful emotions when we look at them. However, breaking up the monotony of square paintings can really be powerful too. Organic wall sculptures add texture to your walls, and bring exciting new points of interest to your home, and compliment the natural materials already in your home.

Some wonderful ways that you can incorporate wall sculptures into your home include:

  • Adding a pair of wall sculptures to either side of your favorite painting;
  • Replacing old framed prints with large organic wall art to bring life to your wall;
  • Placed organic wall art strategically to balance out furniture with sharp edges;
  • Place four similar wall sculptures together above a leather chair; and
  • Place two large modern wall art pieces one on top of the other along an otherwise plain wall

For visual inspiration see my Pinterest Board - Sculptures, Centerpieces, and Wall Artwork. There are some great ideas on how to best place organic wall art in hallways, or for a different effect above your fiber-textured couch.

Tips for bringing Modern Rustic Home to life!

Often when people build or purchase their dream mountain home, they request a big roaring stone fireplace, wood paneling, and hardwood floors. To bring modern to your rustic mountain home, you could:

  • Bring in light colored upholstered furniture;
  • Integrate light colored organic table lamps into your design;
  • Bring in colorful organic-inspired paintings;
  • Hang bright or stark white linen curtains to bring in contrast;
  • Bring in light neutral rugs or rugs with touches of pastel to bring in hints of color;
  • Pepper your tables with modern sculpture to add texture and/or color; and
  • Paint a couple of walls a pastel color and rustic it up again by hanging non-traditional items on the wall such as interesting looking brooms or your grandfather’s old tools.

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