How to Align your Home with What you Want.... with Kathryn Weber

I believe that what we surround ourselves affects us deeply on a subconscious level and if done correctly can inspire us to go out into the world and create amazing change.

So I’ve recently started doing research on the power of aligning our home décor with our true personal style and what we want. I reached out to Feng Shui expert, Kathryn Weber of Red Lotus Letter, for some insight. Kathryn has been studying, practicing and consulting in the feng shui field for over 20 years. She has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines.

Her answers to my questions were fascinating. She really hones in on how simple changes to the way we decorate and prioritize rooms in our houses can drastically affect our subconscious and have real affect in our lives. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did!

How do you think the artwork (wall art and sculpture) that people choose affects their mindset?

This is a huge. I see it all the time. People hang artwork and never think about what its effect on their life is – yet it is so powerful. I have story after client story about how artwork creates problems – or solves them. A woman in a struggling marriage, noticed all her artwork showed a solitary woman and couldn’t help but wonder if the symbolism affected her marriage. She replaced them all and is happily married for 20 years.

Another woman was having many problems in her life. She had actually painted a picture of a gray woman on her back with a man on top of her looking like he was giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. I think she thought it looked like he was kissing her, but the blue, gray, and red colors resembled death more than life. And guess what? She had heart problems. She was obstinate about removing it because of what she thought it symbolized – but didn’t realize that what it really looked like was something else entirely.

Another woman had weight problems and depression. She had a painting of a blue crying woman on the wall she looked at as she stepped out of her bedroom. She removed it, lost weight and had a completely new disposition.

What can people change easily in their homes to bring more inspiration to their lives?

Decorating their bedroom. Many people place extra emphasis on the public areas of the house and less so on the private ones. Working on your bedroom to make it the best it can be – good solid bed with a nice headboard –can go a long way toward making people healthier, happier in their relationships and more secure in their life.

People should also look at the images in their house. In fact, to inspire yourself, one of the easiest fixes is to change all the artwork to new locations – it will help you see your home and your life in a completely new way.

Can you give an example of how a home décor makeover or a simple adjustment has helped transform yours or a clients’ life?

The space you occupy has a major effect on your effectiveness and your income. I once had a client whose husband had an “office” under the eaves of the house. They had a spare guest room they used as a library. To get to the office, you had to go through the bedroom, through the master bathroom and into the closet and at the back of the closet was a three foot attic door. Inside the door was a plank nailed to the rafters and that was how he made his living for the whole family. They called me because his job was in jeopardy. I told them to move him immediately to the “library” for guests who only visited once or twice a year, and that his work, in the attic, made the whole rest of the house possible. But they didn’t. He was fired, and then they moved him into the library. He got another job shortly afterwards and is doing fine.

So many people feel like they’re adrift in their lives and unsupported or unloved. I was at a conference of 200 single women, and when I asked them how many had a headboard on their bed, only HALF raised their hands. So, I asked them, “So, you like to go it alone?” A good, solid headboard is essential for everyone to have – no iron, no rails – just good and solid, whether that’s wood or upholstery.


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